NovAge Pore and Line Perfector by Oriflame Review

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This is my first blog in 2019 and I did miss writing to be honest hence this year I will try posting blogs as well other than my YouTube channel which if you haven't subscribed to please do. I do have many products to talk about but now that it is 2019 I am very selective with products I review and feature on my blog. So I did get a chance to test out the NovAge Pore and Line Perfector which is from The NovAge line of products by Oriflame. This range is more so targeted towards mature women who are 30 and above in my opinion. So let me tell you more about this product in the post today....

NovAge Pore and Line Perfector

Price: Rs.1499/-  for 30 ml product Always available on discount please check with your nearest Oriflame representatives.
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What does the brand say?? ?(Source: Oriflame India website)
Get flawless-looking skin with the NovAge Pore and Line Perfector. Stress, lack of sleep and a polluted environment can take their toll on your skin, leaving you with enlarged pores, fine lines and a fatigued complexion. Perfect your skin and hide the effects of a busy lifestyle with the NovAge Pore & Line Perfector.
Instantly helps minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines, the NovAge Pore & Line Perfector assists in giving you younger-looking flawless skin in seconds with the specially developed Opt-blurring Technology. This unique formula glides effortlessly onto the skin to create a smooth, silky and perfect matte effect.
Soft, light and feathery, this semi-transparent formulation is easy to blend and gives you a clear, blemish-free complexion. The optical blurrers included in the formula will give your skin a powdery smooth base, while the absorbing powder takes away grease and shine, resulting in a stunning matte finish.

NovAge Pore and Line Perfector

How to use:
1.Apply to target areas, such as open pores, fine lines or irregular, uneven skin tone or texture. Use after applying your face cream or serum, avoiding direct contact with the eyes.
2.Before using make-up, apply a thin layer all over your skin to act as a base, applying a little extra to problem areas. 

The product comes in a flat squeezy tube which is opaque and white in color.It does come enclosed in a cardboard box with necessary information on it. I like that it has a pointed nozzle and dispenses minimal yet right amount of product for use. It is certainly travel friendly.

NovAge Pore and Line Perfector

NovAge Pore and Line Perfector

NovAge Pore and Line Perfector

The product as mentioned in ingredients is silicone and gel based in consistency. You need a tiny amount in problem areas. For me they are pores on my cheeks and fine line around the eyes and guess what it works and I was like Vowww! Now it is ok to have fine lines and other skin issues because we age forward and not backward right?? While it may not be necessary to use it everyday but does a great job when you apply it under the makeup because it avoids caking and creasing which I love. If you are someone with the issues mentioned above do give it a try.I love it and would highly recommend.

MLWM Rating: 5/5

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