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The Fab! 100 × Washed Ghee Moisturizer Review - World's Best Moisturizer !!

Hello everyone, It has been ages since I have blogged and the reason was that I was on a holiday to Hyderabad and then Goa, if you do not follow me on my Instagram you must to stay updated about personal and blogging life. The whole month of April was super hectic and full of parties, weddings etc so I did not have the time to blog or post videos on my YouTube channel but I did post a new one recently you can check it out. In the midst of all the chaos I did receive this very unique and one of a kind - The Fab! 100 × Washed Ghee Moisturizer which I have tried now and I am going to share my thoughts about in this post.Keep reading to know more...

Price: 100x washed ghee comes in two variants - Plain at ₹300 and ₹350 for Organic Rose (including shipping charges) for 50 gms.
If you wish to know more details, you can check their Instagram handle HERE
Shelf life: One year if stored in the refrigerator  or else 3 months.

Brand Description and Claims: 100 × Washed Ghee is an age old ayurvedic prep…

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