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Godrej Shikakai Soap with Amla and Bringhraj Review

Hello readers, The  other day being the curious cat I am spotted the Godrej Shikakai Soap which took me way back to my teenage days when I last tried this soap. Back then in the 90's we did not have a wide range of options and anything that seemed herbal/ayurvedic was a big thing back then. So I started using it back then before I got into the shampoo mode. Now it has been years and things have changed so much although I do feel some brands are going back into making soaps like these which some may term as shampoo bar. So nonetheless, now that I am a blogger since a decade I thought of giving it a try. In order to know my experience using this soap you need to keep on reading ☺ Price : Rs.30/- for 75g Available in every chemist shop and online too. You can check out  the product HERE The soap does come in a simple paper wrapped packaging with a female model flaunting her long hair.. Lol! very typical Indian things I tell you. The soap is red in color and engraved with soap name. Al

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