Postpartum Weight Loss and Recovery in Women after Childbirth

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I hope you all are doing well. Today's post is all  about weight loss and recovery in in women after they have delivered a baby. Becoming a mother is the most wonderful experience ever and if you have had kids you may know what does your body go through and how the change of hormones really affect you physically as well as mentally. Most women do put on weight because once they conceive their movement becomes restricted and also they need to eat more so that  the food is enough for your baby as well growing inside the womb. Giving a birth to a child is no joke and not to mention the weight you put on during that course.

Women do find it hard to go back to their pre-pregnancy shape without some help from various sources. Their bodies are however built to bounce back after pregnancy and delivery, which is an advantage towards postpartum weight loss.Our bodies’ secret hormones during pregnancy which include: relax in, progesterone and oestrogen. They remain in the body for up to six months after delivery.The body secrets these hormones to loosen the abdominal muscles. They, therefore, cause an average of 50% stretch in the abdomen as the baby grows.They are also essential in loosening the joints, ligaments and the pelvic structure as the body prepares for childbirth.

Advantages of Wearing a Postpartum Bandit:
Postpartum support garments offer excellent support by providing extra stability for the woman’s belly after giving birth.

Why would a specialist recommend that a belly bandit will be good for your postpartum recovery? The garments work to provide a 360-degree support assembly around your torso by drawing in the stretched muscles. This reduces the strain on joints and ligaments especially in the area between your lower back and buttocks.

Reduced strain on the body promotes its rejuvenation property. Within the right period, the post-baby tummy slowly disappears, and your body returns its pre-pregnancy shape and alignment.

During the first few weeks after natural delivery or C-section, the shifted and constrained internal organs begin to return to their original positions. Belly Bandits allow for movement with no worries by holding you in place so that your activities do not interfere with the reconstruction.

In a thorough postpartum care plan, a Belly Bandit is recommended for fat reduction. It is a crucial step for both health and confidence aspects, especially in a C-section recovery plan.

A postpartum wrapping is particularly beneficial to women with concerns of swelling after giving birth. The wrapping flushes fluids from the skin by pressuring the blood vessels and capillaries in the abdomen area. This reduces swelling and keeps post-delivery bruising to a minimum.

The wrapping should be a custom compression garment with medical grade pressure for best results.

What You Get From a Belly Bandit When Fully Utilized
  • Tummy support
  • Increased bounce back rate
  • Flattening of your tummy and hips
  • Straightens the spine
  • Prevention of fat cells enlargement
  • Heals Diastasis Recti
  • Helps in returning the uterus to its usual size and get rid of the extra fluid
Packing a hip bandit and belly bandit in your bag is recommendable after giving birth when traveling

Burn Off Pregnancy Fat While You Still Can!
It is easy to put on fat during pregnancy which is different from the weight gain when you are not pregnant. When compared to fat you add in ordinary situations; pregnancy fat retains more fluids than the adequate level. This makes them a lot easier to burn off by doing postpartum exercises.
It is advised to burn off baby fat before it is too late. Six months after giving birth, this easy-to-burn fluid in the fat becomes as hard to get rid of as any other stored fat in the body. A new mother is advised to start getting active about a month after delivery slowly. This is by including stretches and light postpartum exercises in your daily routine apart from wearing a custom belly bandit. In the long run, burning the fat at this time makes a recognizable difference.

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  1. For me moderate eating and exercising worked. But now, I am not sure if its age, at my 53, my tummy is beginning to bulging despite the push ups I am doing. Gonna work on it further I suppose.

  2. Great helpful information for moms and moms to be.

  3. I had put on much weight dyribgdmy pregnancy. However my fractured leg made me lose it. Nice post.


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