Seer Secrets Bergamot & Raw Sandhal Energizing Yogurt Body Cleanser Review

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Today I shall be talking about a new brand on my blog who essentially are new in the market and make bath and body products called 'Seer Secrets'. They launched their body cleanser recently and I got a chance to try some of them. So I had been trying the Seer Secrets Bergamot & Raw Sandhal Energizing Yogurt Body Cleanser in the past few days and now I am here to share my thoughts on it. If you wish to know more about this product then please keep on reading....

Seer Secrets Bergamot & Raw Sandhal Energizing Yogurt Body Cleanser

Price: Rs.599/- for 250 ml.Available with free shipping HERE
Shelf life: 3 months from the day  you start using it

Seer Secrets Bergamot & Raw Sandhal Energizing Yogurt Body Cleanser

Product Description:
Quench into a woody redolence with this beautiful bath time indulgence. With a ligneous sandalwood note and the essence of bergamot, this energizing yogurt enzymebody cleanser provides a shiny and younger looking skin. With an energizing scent, the formula is infused with sandalwood & bergamot essential oil and extract of Amla & Reetha which provides the essence of energization in a blissful relaxing effect of Aromatherapy in your shower. Woody notes in a formula infused with Yogurt extract and coconut derivatives stimulate your mind and spirit in a blissful shower experience.

Yogurt-based cleansers create rich, luxurious foam and gently repairs skin burns leaving the skin moisturized.

Naturally derived, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, biodegradable, NO triclosan, sulfates (SLS, SLES, SCS), formaldehyde, salicylates, parabens, phosphates, MEA, DEA, TEA, petroleum-based ingredients or dyes. Never Tested on Animals; Made in the India.

The shower gel comes in an attractive see through tall plastic bottle. A sticker on it mentions  all the basic information you may need about the product including ingredients.The best part is that it comes with a pump dispenser which helps in using the appropriate amount. The product is travel friendly and user friendly.

Seer Secrets Bergamot & Raw Sandhal Energizing Yogurt Body Cleanser

The body cleanser is yoghurt (dahi) based and very gentle on the skin. The cleanser is shiny white in color with no artificial color or fragrances. Bergamot has citrus like properties and reminds me of lemon which is one of the major ingredient due to which the body cleanser makes you feel fresh and energized. It also contains Sandhal (Sandalwood) which adds a lovely earthy scent to it making you feel calm and relaxed.

Seer Secrets Bergamot & Raw Sandhal Energizing Yogurt Body Cleanser

When I use this cleanser 2 generous pumps are good enough for the whole body. It lathers well but for best use you would have to use a loofah. What I liked is the unique combination of Bergamot and Sandalwood which are 2 contrasting fragrances but come together well and make you energized and refreshed post shower. It does a good job of cleansing the skin and leaves no residue behind however the smell is not long lasting and won't linger for more than an hour. Personally  I like strong scented body washes and this is mild to my liking however the product is of amazing quality and those who like their products mildly scented would love this one and should go for it. They have an amazing range of body cleansers in 6 different variants, you could check them out HERE

MLWM Rating:4.2/5

So guys what do you think of this all natural body cleanser and this brand in general ?? Have you tried it or intend to?? Please let me know in the comments section.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo

P.S: PR Sample** Unbiased Review


  1. You got me at yogurt as an ingredient wow will love to try it.

  2. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

  3. With yogurt? Wow. Instead of me rubbing and lathering real yogurt on my body for nourishment, I want this cleanser please.

  4. Ye to bahut interesting dikh raha hai, great reviw ­čĹŹ­čĹŹ

  5. has yogurt which is my favourite ingredient... will try this

  6. Interesting review dear!
    Have a lovely day!


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