Eyetex Dazzler Makeup haul 2017 - My first Youtube video!

Hello everyone,
Hope the weekend went well for you. Today is a different post because I have something exciting to tell you. If you follow me on my social media - Facebook and Instagram you would know I recently completed 4 years in the blogging world.I refrain from writing a lot about me and my blog because as time passes by nobody cares to be honest.My work speaks for itself so I sometimes don't know why people get jealous, never mind I will keep doing what I do whatever happens☺

So I finally decided to start my Youtube channel and film my very first video.I was hesitant as the bar has been set quite high by the ones who are already there and also I don't have all the fancy gadgets but then I always wanted to start my Youtube channel despite all odds and here I am with my very first video which is an Eyetex Dazzler makeup haul. Please click the video below to watch it.

I am not here to compete with anybody and making videos would be another feather in my cap, although I still need to learn about editing and making my videos better.I like to talk about what I feel &  like and something that will benefit the audience. Please watch the video and leave a comment there if possible. Also like,comment, subscribe and share if you want to support me in this Youtube journey.

You can read my reviews on some of the Eyetex Dazzler products I have done before on my blog HERE

Will catch you all in my next post. 
Until then, Take care xoxo


  1. Good start Natasha. I watched and it smashed. You are absolutely right about jealously. So be it from bloggers and social media supposedly our closest friends as well. I feel it, I seriously do. At least you are honest, guess what? Bloggers sent secret messages on facebook, asking me hell of questions on this and that, but in return, as far as I know, they never left comments on my blogs, neither have they liked anything I post. Sly, shrewd people. Never-mind, we shall positively move on by supporting ourselves. All is in our own hands I have concluded. Its a competitive world and competition can lead to bitching.

  2. First and foremost congrat I be honest all the youtuber I had follow its due to their request yes even the popular ones they send emails. I practically have to time to watch any video I usually fast forward its due to my hectic schedule and being in different time zone. I will follow but I need the link it did not come up. You did great for your first one just keep in mind comments on youtube are harsh do not put mind to them just do you practice makes perfect.

  3. Such a lovely video, congrats Nats!
    Kisses, Paola.

  4. Such a nice haul.Thanks for the video.

  5. Hi Natasha, Hearty Congratulations . I liked your 1st video. It's very comprehensive. Keep producing & posting more.

  6. I love your accent Natasha... you speak so clearly and confidently... I love talking but I think I would have lots of ums in mine... The lipstick shades are both great and I love that they are matte... that is perfect for me ... Have a great week xox


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