5 Different ways to style a Tee

Hello everyone,
It has started to get a bit warmer as we are almost mid February but quite cool at night. I would say it is spring in India now and the best time of the year in my opinion.So do you change your clothes according to the season? Well I normally do not do much as I live in Mumbai and we rarely have an extreme cold weather most of the time it is hot and humid so I basically stick to the same kind of clothes throughout the year.One clothing item I am obsessed with is Tee or a T shirt if I may say.If you open my cupboard you will find 2 types of clothing items - Tees and Kurtas. I usually prefer Indian clothes to be honest because being a curvy woman it is hard to wear and find clothes that suit your body type and fit you well.

In my good old college days all you would see me wearing is Tees and jeans.. Lol ! we were all like that isn't it? So as time has changed people have become more conscious about how they look, what makeup they apply and how they present themselves, all thanks to Internet, social media, bloggers and vloggers. So over the years and with experience I have learned how can I style it and I am going to tell you more about in this post.

Tee and Jeans
Like I mentioned before this is the most basic combination to go for and I would suggest is investing in a basic blue well fitted denim that flatters your curves and does not make you look bulky.If you are in your teens or in your 20's go for brighter colors as it will make you look youthful. Ripped jeans are also in trend right now you can go for that one as well.

5 different ways to style a Tee

Tee and denim jacket
This was my favourite combination years ago at my workplace on the weekends. The tees which have a lovely print on the front will look amazing as that will be the focus of the outfit. Go for something quirky or one with funny captions not only would they look great but will attract attention from people as well. Invest in a good quality denim jacket which fits well and does not look cheap. You can also add badges on them like smileys etc to take it to the next well.

5 different ways to style a Tee

 Tee and Shorts
Now that summers is almost here in India you can opt for shorts which are super comfortable and do not make you sweat. You can go for different ones like cotton, denim or even one with lace depending on your comfort and also your body type. I would love to wear girly shoes with these or even Sandals in summers so that my feet don't sweat. The options are endless in my opinion and after all its your way of styling do whatever you feel best.

5 different ways to style a Tee

Tee and Leggings
This has to be my most favourite combination. I own so many pair of leggings. They are super comfortable and makes me look a bit slimmer which is what I like also I do not have to worry about it being tight at the tummy as it expands and takes the shape of your body. If you opt for a plain color leggings like say black you can wear any tee you want.If you are heavy and curvy on the hips you must for a long Tee as it will hide your curves and make you look slimmer.Printed leggings are also in trend right now and any simple plain Tee would work best with it. I need to buy a few printed leggings now.

5 different ways to style a Tee

Tee and Skirts:
Tee and Skirts was a 90's trend from what I remember and you may know that fashion keeps on coming back in trend. I remember my mom used to wear Tees and skirts way back then the way it is in the picture below (no.2). There are endless choices in skirts - short,long, printed, leather etc. You can go for whichever suits you and your body type best.

5 different ways to style a Tee

So I hope after reading this post you guys start wearing Tees they are comfortable and available in a variety of colors, prints and patterns. Also there are endless way of styling it as well. I wish when I was in college someone gave me these tips I would have rocked it then but anyway I hope my tips and options inspire you in some way to start wearing tees and experimenting with fashion.

Please leave a comment below if you found this useful and informative. Let me know in the comments section which is your favourite style from what I mentioned above.

Until next time... Take care xoxo

P.S: The images have been googled and credit goes to their respective owners.


  1. I like love T's I have a pretty big collection different colors, so this post gave me great idea to pair it with thanks.

  2. There's nothing better than a simple Tee. Great styling tips.
    Simera |Beautetude

  3. Lindos looks amei, obrigado pela visita,

  4. Tee and jeans work for me but sometimes a long tee with leggings looks fabulous!

  5. Excellent blog u have.....Thanks for sharing with us..

  6. No 4 seasons in Malaysia. We either sweat profusely or we are showered with lotsa of water from the sky. Pretty much my style does not change, of depending on where I am going and occasions. I love the casuals as in this post. Absolutely the comfort call.


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