Matra Beauty Naturals Lip Balms Review & Price in India

Hello everyone,
One product which is a must have for me and which I cannot live without is lip balm. Over the years I have tried tonnes of them and reviewed them on my blog as well.In the last few years there has been a lot of buzz about organic and natural products and I somehow prefer them more as I know it won't harm my skin in the long run.So I recently came across Matra Beauty Naturals - a brand which makes lip balms and was very curious how they would fare on me so I received 3 of their variants and had been testing them ever since I received them.Today I shall tell you more about them and my experience trying them as well.Read on to know more.......

Matra Beauty Naturals Lip Balms Review & Price in India

Price: Rs.199/- each for 4.5g product.

Key Ingredients(similar for all 3 variants):

What does the brand say about these lip balms:
• 100% natural and long stay
• Moisturizes and soothes the lips.
• Protects from sun rays, sun burns and UV rays.
• Heals chapped lips and sores.
• Retains lip color and helps regain rosy childlike lips.
• Reduces inflammation and helps prevent infections.
• Contains Vitamin A, C and E.
• Super gentle on the skin.
• Suitable for all skin types.

All 3 lip balms come in a cardboard type packaging with all the information including the ingredients and other basic information. I love when they are cardboard wrapped as it makes you feel that that it is unused or untouched. The tube is black in color with a good cap which locks well.The band with the name and the logo represents the variant. Red for Strawberry, Green for Kiwi and Blue for Vanilla Ice.All 3 lip balms come in a chapstick/retractable format.

Matra Beauty Naturals Lip Balms Review & Price in India

So let me tell you about the 3 variants now
Pamper your love for sweetness and soft lips with Matra’s delicious Strawberry flavoured Lip Balm. 100% natural, filled with the fresh and luscious essence of strawberries, the lip balm would not just soothe your lips but provide for a complete lip care solution.

Matra Beauty Naturals Lip Balms Review & Price in India

It looks a reddish pink in the tube and gives the slightest amount of tint.It has a faint strawberry flavour and it is not very sweet which I like.
Gorgeous and kissable lips are now just a lip balm away! With Matra’s irresistible Kiwi Lip Balm enjoy supple, well-nourished and baby-like lips.  Savour the stunning flavour of this luxury fruit in your daily lip care.

Matra Beauty Naturals Lip Balms Review & Price in India

The lip balm is green in color and I found a faint kiwi taste to it which I felt strong at first but in no time fades away.There is no tint to this one.

Matra’s Vanilla Ice is the statement Lip Balm to please your lips in all seasons. With its sensuous mix of warm vanilla with cool mint, it will have its undeniable charm on your lips. Infused with Natural SPF and moisturizing properties, the intoxicating Vanilla Ice will soon become an addiction

Matra Beauty Naturals Lip Balms Review & Price in India

This looks light blue in the tube and has a sweet scent to it and flavour as well. It has no tint to it whatsoever.

Matra Beauty Naturals Lip Balms Review & Price in India

All 3 lip balms are soft and glide easily on the lips. They are not too thick nor too thin. They are soft and buttery in texture and feel smooth on the lips.Except for the strawberry one the others do not have any tint to them which I like because I like clear lip balms to be honest.It heals chapped lips as rightly claimed but you would need to reapply them at regular intervals which is normal with every other brand. I love that it comes in a chapstick format which makes it user and travel friendly. I honestly could not find any cons to be honest except that they say it has SPF and there is no mention how much. Overall I love these lip balms and would recommend them ☺

MLWM Rating:4.5/5

Matra Beauty Naturals Lip Balms are 100% natural and made of finest quality organic ingredients. They do a great job of moisturizing the lips and keep them soft and supple. Have you tried these lip balms before??? Do let me know in the comments section.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo 


  1. never heard of this brand
    thanks for the intro
    thank God the vanilla one doesn't have a tint !

  2. I cool it reminds me of Baby lips from Maybelline the blue one its so cool. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  4. Love the packaging of these lips balms and it's good that they're natural!

  5. Aiyo, these balms are really tempting. I need them. Wish, I always wish such products are available over here.


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