Bornprettystore 15 Colors Concealer Set Makeup Palette Review

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Today I will be reviewing another great product in the makeup category.I have done so many Bornprettystore makeup reviews and never tried any face products. I was looking for a concealer palette since ages and when I spotted I made my mind that I should try this one. Bornprettystore 15 Colors Concealer Set Makeup Palette is what I am going to tell you about today.. Keep on reading to know more....

Bornprettystore 15 Colors Concealer Set Makeup Palette Review


Price: US$ 4.99. Available online HERE
Product code: # 9900

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About Bornprettystore:
The store  is based in Hong Kong does sell a variety of goodies from makeup, makeup tools, jewellery, Nail art stuff, Watches etc. I have reviewed a lot of their fashion jewellery but they also do have make up, make up brushes and other tools which I have been exploring in the last few months.

It comes in a matte black case which has no name or any other information. It comes enclosed in a cardboard box with ingredients mentioned on it. You do not get any applicator, brush or mirror attached to it. Packaging is lightweight and very basic. It is travel friendly in my opinion

Bornprettystore 15 Colors Concealer Set Makeup Palette Review

Concealer is my best friend I always say that because I have terrible dark circles, blame it on stress, tension, anxiety and whole day in front of the computer.One should get themselves checked if they have really bad as dark circles can be due to lack of iron. Anyway so I love trying out different concealers but I never owned something like this where I get an array of shades to mix and match.The orange/salmon colors are for color correction under the eyes or pigmentation around the mouth.Green is used to combat any redness on the face and the brown colors are for contouring the face.

Few Swatches of Bornprettystore 15 Colors Concealer Set Makeup Palette

Talking about the formula they are all cream based concealers. I found them to be lightweight and not very thick, hence you need to pack it on for proper coverage. I used the third one from the bottom row as corrector and then the second one from row no.2 I would suggest using your fingers and use dabbing motions for the concealer to spread evenly. Setting it with powder is very important or else it will crease like nobody's business.I have done a before and after pic to show you the difference. I still need to master the art of concealing my flaws but from the pic, the difference is pretty evident.Overall it is an amazing palette for those on a budget and college students who do not need heavy duty makeup on a daily basis. Anyone can use this and since it is affordable I would recommend you to try it.

MLWM Rating: 4.2/5

So what do you think of Bornprettystore 15 Colors Concealer Set Makeup Palette??? Have you tried anything from Bornprettystore before? Do let me know in the comments section.

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  1. WOW! this one looks so damn awesome. I have been looking for something like this. Great reviews Nats...

  2. It does the job you did not do bad. The trick is when hiding dark circle apply the one that its more of orange tone blend it very well than grab a lighter shade to apply on top also blend it very well but without rubbing try it let me know if it work for you. Great choices in a palette cannot beat the price.

  3. Talk about stress, anxiety and hours in front of the computer. I know. For me, esp when I am out for a function, concealer is a must. God, I hate the dark monstrous circles under my eyes and this set is a for me for sure. Loved.

  4. Natasha... your eyes do show a difference... I need to find a good one that works for me... xox

  5. wow...really very impressive,great reviews

  6. I too have this palette but from some other brand but i find them not so creamy! Shall try this one!


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