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Hello everyone,
October is finally here and in few weeks it will be winter in most parts of the world . We have had rains until last few days but I am happy to say that the weather is very pleasent now - not too hot nor too cold.The first thing we change once winter sets in is our clothes.The weather is not very cold and harsh here but it does get quite chilly between December to February. So every year you may  look for warm clothes in the market and malls, but now things have changed we can get everything in few clicks from the smart phone or the computer. We all look for convenience now a days for shopping due to lack of time. Few years back I hated online shopping but I do consider it now due to the lack of enthusiasm to go to the mall. I did stumble upon before as well and I did share my fashion wishlist which you can read HERE

StyleWe is online fashion platform featuring independent fashion designers.We are committed to providing shoppers with original, high quality and exclusive fashion products from independent designers.They have free shipping on order over $60 They ship to 7 countries currently - United States, United Kingdom,Italy, Germany,France, Canada and Australia. I hope they ship to India in future as well.

Their website is broadly classified into the following:

Below is a wishlist I came up with while browsing through their website:
This Simple 3/4 Sleeve V Neck H-line Sweater Dress is available in 2 colors white and Grey but I would choose grey. This dress is simple and would serve as a dress and worn with legging below as winters make you feel cold.

This Wool Blend Long Sleeve Shift Fur And Shearling Coat with Black Pockets makes such a classy and amazing coat which will go with most of your winter outfits.They have sizes upto 5XL what a relief for a plus size woman like me.The detailing on the collar and the fact that it has stars on it made it a favourite for me as I love stars be it jewellery or clothes :D

Angel Eyes
This Black Buttoned Knitted Geometric Casual Cardigan looks plain and sophisticated but looks amazing and classy. Again it has a star detailing at the back. This one will go with most outfits whether it is a dress, casual outfit and even with formal wear in my opinion as picturised below.

If you don't know yet I love cats but don't have one as a pet yet, may be in future.This White Printed Cotton Long Sleeve Casual Sweatshirt seems perfect for my liking.The cat print is on the front and the back as well and can be work with a skirt, leggings or both together. Totally love it!

Leggings are my favourite and I wear them throughout the year but for winters this Brown Velvet Plain Casual Leggings really caught my attention. I love the color and also love that the material is velvet which makes it comfortable to wear.

All the items are placed systematically in different categories as mentioned above. You can also check out individual designers and their work under one heading. From October 8th to the 13th they have a sitewide 15% off  and 20% off your first order if you download and order from their App which can be downloaded for free from Google Play or Apple Store. This website is a one stop destination for fashion lovers and for quality clothing, Do check out them out I highly recommend.You can also follow them on Instagram for more fashion inspiration.

So what do you think of my wishlist for fall/winter??? Do let me know in the comments which was your favourite from the above options I have mentioned in the post.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo


  1. Beautiful stylish pieces Nat. Call me behind time, I am not there yet with online purchasing. Still, you never know. I may change my mind when the need arises. Need to get some winter clothes. Gonna go galloping in Dec.

  2. Nice picks Natasha. The grey full sleeve looks really pretty.

  3. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  4. Amazing post.Need to buy one of them.

  5. Stars and kitties?!?! Yes I think I like those :) What cool and fun pieces you have chosen. This is my second post in a row from this retailer but the last one did not have kitties and stars so you win :) Those leggings are very sexy btw. Wow!!!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  6. You have a nice blog going here Natasha.. simple yet pretty.


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