#14DayChallenge with New Pantene Shampoo- My Review and hairfall experience

Hello everyone,
If you follow me on my social media Instagram you would know that I had mentioned there that I am taking up the #14DayChallenge as a part of  product review activity at BlogAdda in association with Pantene. Hairfall is a topic I can write a book on to be honest. I have suffered from hairfall ever since I was a kid and that was the reason I always had short hair during my childhood days.Back then we never had so many products, awareness of the same and also websites and blogs to educate us about what can one do for hairfall. Anyway now that we are in the smartphone age we know everything don't we?? Thanks to one click on our smartphone and a whole lot of information is in front of us.

Hairfall can be attributed to various factors:
Hormonal problems
Lack of appropriate care
Less knowledge about products
Poor diet

Mentioned above are just some of the reasons for hairfall. Let me tell you everybody now a days suffer from hairfall,whether you are a man or a woman.When I got to try the all New Pantene shampoo I started with no expectations but it sounded promising as I did see Bollywood Actress Anushka Sharma's claim about lesser hairfall in 14 Days,who is the brand ambassador for Pantene India.

#14DayChallenge with New Pantene Shampoo - Review

There are many products in the market which claim to reduce hairfall but not all of them work and trust me I have tried almost all of them. I have known the brand Pantene since my childhood and I am sure they would definitely make a formula which actually works.So I started using the shampoo and conditioner and after using it for 14 days I am here to tell you my thoughts on taking the #14DayChallenge and a comparison between Pantene vs the other brand shampoo.

The shampoo and the conditioner come in a white opaque bottle with a golden flip cap.The ingredients, instructions and other vital information is printed at the back of the shampoo and conditioner. They are travel friendly.

Brand claims:
Noticeably less hairfall due to breakage
Strengthens hair inside and outside, from base to tip
Upto 98% less hairfall
Hair is smoother and less manageable

Price of the shampoo: Rs.110/- for 180 ml

The shampoo is neither too runny nor too thick - the right consistency in my opinion.It has a sheen to it and smells fruity and pleasent.You need a small amount to work a good lather in your hair but make sure you get your hair soaked appropriately before you do that.The best way to wash the hair is starting from the scalp and massaging it slowly. Shampoo works best to keep your scalp clean and this does a good job. Make sure you rinse your hair with plenty of water post shampoo.

Price of the conditioner: Rs.55/- for 75 ml

The conditioner is white in color and of a thick cream like consistency.The best way to apply conditioner for effective results is before shampoo work it on the length of the hair avoiding the scalp and follow it with shampoo, which will give the ends of the hair more time to absorb the goodness of the conditioner. A conditioner is a must after everytime you shampoo your hair especially when there is so much pollution now a days which makes the hair frizzy, dry and unmanageable.
Comparison - Other Shampoo vs Pantene - #14DayChallenge

#14DayChallenge with New Pantene Shampoo - Review

My experience:
After using the shampoo and conditioner for 14 days,I can clearly see the difference in the overall health of my hair. It feels softer for sure and is quite manageable. I do not have thick, luscious hair for medical reasons but I can tell the difference post using the duo.There is less breakage which is something I always have dreaded.As it contains Keratin Damage Blockers technology it helps prevent hair breakage caused by damage, resulting in up to 98% less hair fall when used on a regular basis.

#14DayChallenge with New Pantene Shampoo - Review

#14DayChallenge with New Pantene Shampoo - Review

If you check the pictures you can clearly see the hairfall difference i.e when I used the other brand shampoo and conditioner vs The New Pantene Shampoo and conditioner. I am pleased with the results and happy to flaunt my new hair without any worry of wearing white which I did avoid before. My hair feels more bouncy and full of life as you can tell in the pictures above and also my video below showing My Happy Hair Move.

My final thoughts: I highly recommend everyone to try the all New Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner for Hairfall control. When used regularly it does prove to be effective in reducing hairfall to a large extent and making them soft and manageable.So what are you waiting for?? Go grab it right away and tell me how did it work for you.

MLWM Rating: 4.8/5

I hope you found this review useful and informative .Have you tried the all New Pantene before??? Leave a comment below with your thoughts would love to hear from you all.

Until next time... Take care xoxo


  1. You hair looks amazing great review

  2. Nice to hear that you can see a difference in the hair fall and your hair looks healthier.

  3. Great review dear...thx for sharing! xx

  4. Pantene never suits my hair but this range sounds good!


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