Bornpretty Store 11 Colors Shimmer 4 Colors Matt Eyeshadow Review & Swatches!

Hello everyone,
Today I shall be sharing my views, reviews and swatches of the Bornpretty Store 11 Colors Shimmer 4 Colors Matt Eyeshadow palette which I hauled last time from the website.You can check that post HERE. I have never owned any eyeshadow palette like this in my life from any brand simply because I do not wear eyeshadows, I am too lazy for it.But that does not mean I do not own any. I usually buy quads, trio or single eyeshadows from inexpensive brands and I am not at all fussy about the same. It has been my wish to stock up on some nice eyeshadow palettes because they are more cool than singles, not only you have a variety to choose from but you know you will find everything in that one palette. To know more about this palette keep on reading.......

Bornpretty 15 colors eyeshadow palette Review & Swatches

Price: US $ 6.99 Available online HERE
Shipping is free and there is no minimum amount. You can use my code HATT10 for an additional 10% discount off on your complete order( This is not an affiliate link) :)

About Bornprettystore:
The store  is based in Hong Kong does sell a variety of goodies from make up, make up tools, jewellery, Nail art stuff, Watches etc. I have reviewed a lot of their fashion jewellery but they also do have make up, make up brushes and other tools which I have been exploring lately.

Bornpretty 15 colors eyeshadow palette Review & Swatches

The palette comes enclosed in a cardboard packaging. The ingredients are mentioned on the box. It opens and shuts well but does not come with a mirror which it should have actually and no applicators or brushes which I am ok with.Overall no fancy packaging but decent

First row: (left to right)
Matte white shade, pearly white color, light steel grey, dark grey and a matte black
All 5 shades are decently pigmented and will work for everyone

Bornpretty 15 colors eyeshadow palette Review & Swatches

Scond row (left to right)
Metallic darker orange color, off white color (least pigmented color among all), toasty taupe brown, metallic copper color and dirty gold color
Except for the second all the others are well pigmented.The second one can be used all over the lids to neutralise any darkness one may have.

Bornpretty 15 colors eyeshadow palette Review & Swatches

Third Row (left to right)
This is the most pigmented row of the three.All of them have amazing pigmentation.
Light shimmery orange color, one tone darker the next, brown mixed with a hint of maroon (this one is my favourite), chocolate brown and greyish black

Bornpretty 15 colors eyeshadow palette Review & Swatches

The palette is amazing for everyone. Most of the shades are those which will suit all age groups and can be used for a variety of make up looks. Without a primer and depending on the opacity they will last a good 6 hours. I think it is an amazing buy at this price and a must buy in my opinion.I will try posting pictures of looks I create on my Instagram & Snapchat once my phone problem is sorted. Make sure you follow me there - @natashanatss 

MLWM Rating: 4.8/5

Bornpretty Store 11 Colors Shimmer 4 Colors Matt Eyeshadow Palette is an amazing palette to create versatile looks and for this price cannot ask anything more.Have you shopped from Bornprettystore before??? Do let me know in the comments section.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo


  1. Beautiful shade the pigmentation it amazing

  2. Natasha, the colors are rich ... I like a metallic look for shadow and these ones look very pretty xox

  3. Paleta com cores lindas, tenha uma semana abençoada, obrigado pela visita.

  4. Wow this palette indeed look good. i am lazy in applying mascara!

  5. I wasn't an eyeshadow person but I have started using them now. Good palette. I have many shimmery eyeshadow. Now I want a matte one. Will check out that on BPS.

  6. Such a lovely palette. love this shades. Great review.

  7. I didn't know born pretty had such pretty eyeshadow shades.. the colour are subtle and oh so gorgeous.

  8. Me too. Never own a palatte with many colours. Like you said, just maybe two or three shades. Mainly because at my age, I prefer natural tones. Of course, blending in colours can make it right for any age, this palatte is loved. Still, worried if I purchase, it may collect dust.

  9. Natasha, if you need someone to talk to... reach out to me. I understand tough times (I'm not active on snap chat and only post on instagram sporadically).. I'm a Twitter girl all the way. I hope you are doing well xox ♡♡♡♡


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