Bornpretty Store Make up Haul August 2016

Hi everyone,
Today I present to you my latest make up haul from Bornpretty Store which is my favourite website to shop from as everything is inexpensive, they have a wide variety and you get Free Shipping.I have done many Bornprettystore hauls in the past all of which you can check on my blog HERE They have the dupes of some of the best brands in the market.So if you are on a budget this is the best place to shop from. I have reviewed many items from their website and largely I have loved them. This time I shopped only for make up items and I am excited to share it with you all. Read on to know more.....

Bornpretty Store  Make up Haul August 2016

About Bornprettystore:
The store  is based in Hong Kong does sell a variety of goodies from make up, make up tools, jewellery, Nail art stuff, Watches etc. I have reviewed a lot of their fashion jewellery but they also do have make up, make up brushes and other tools which I have been exploring lately.

Let me show you what I got this time:
11 Colors Shimmer 4 Colors Matt Eyeshadow Palette Earth Tone Eyeshadow #16514
Price: US $6.99
This is such an amazing value for money palette.You get 15 eyeshadows some shimmer, some matte. This is perfect for everyday use and you can create a number of versatile looks with it. This is my first ever eyeshadow palette.. yes don't faint.. Lol I do not buy palettes like these because I hardly use eyeshadows but you know what I have started using eyeshadows and this is just the beginning to many more :D I will be doing an in depth review of this one so stay tuned to my blog :) 

Bornpretty Store  Make up Haul August 2016
1 Pc Double-end Soft Shiny Lip Stud Abundance Lipstick Moist Lasting Lip Gloss in shade no #1 and #7
Price: US $2.50 each
These lipsticks remind me of my teenage days, these were common then. I do not see any Indian brand making these but I love a concept like this.You get a lipstick and a lip gloss in one. 

Bornpretty Store  Make up Haul August 2016
Shade no.01 is a bright yet subtle pink lipstick which is very moisturizing and glides smoothly on the lips. The lip gloss is not that pigmented but gives a lovely shine to the lips making it fuller and plump

Bornpretty Store  Make up Haul August 2016

Shade no.07: It is a pretty glossy red lipstick with a hint of coral. The gloss is pigmented and compliments the lipstick well.

Bornpretty Store  Make up Haul August 2016

Bornpretty Store  Make up Haul August 2016

I would recommend these lipsticks to those who like glossy and shiny lipsticks. They are perfect for college students and in general for everyone especially on those days when you do not want to apply any heavy duty lipsticks.

1Pc Born Pretty Smudge-free Lip Gloss Long Lasting Lipstick Lip Makeup in shade no 01 and 03
Price: US $1.99 each

Bornpretty Store  Make up Haul August 2016

Shade no.01: It is a gorgeous bright red hue.It will suit every skin color in my opinion
Shade no.07: It is a purple shade and will look good on fair to medium skintones

I will be reviewing these lipglosses in my future posts so stay tuned for the same.

1Pc Lip Brush Single Retractable Brush Polka Dot Floral Print Brush For Makeup #15104
Price: US $1.72

Bornpretty Store  Make up Haul August 2016

This is the tiniest and cutest lip brush I have come across. I was expecting a bigger size to be honest but it is still amazing. It is so tiny which makes it perfect to carry it in my handbag for touch ups.

Bornpretty Store  Make up Haul August 2016

The lipstick came seperately and the eye shadow seperately in 2 packages. It was securely wrapped in bubble wrap and I was so happy that none of the eye shadows shattered which is a big Yayy!! There is no minimum amount to buy from the website but my suggestion is to order less if you decide to avoid customs. Do check out their makeup section for exciting products and deals at amazingly affordable prices and do not forget to use my code HATT10 on your complete order to get 10% off . So what are you waiting for??? Go check them out and do let me know if you have shopped from them before in the comments section.

I hope this post was informative and useful to everyone reading. Have you shopped from Bornprettystore before????

Until next time.. Take care xoxo


  1. Natasha, the online store looks like it has some great deals... I have never shopped on line but I really need to start looking around at online stores xox

  2. Great buys love both lipstick shades.

  3. Great haul... the lip glosses look really good.

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  4. Goodness, really tempting. I have this madness for such make-up, but working from home does not give much chance to use and I also don't buy and stock because they have expiry date. I love all of it.

  5. Wow Nats you picked up nice stuffs! I had one lip gloss + lipstick thing in past. Your shade selection is really good.

  6. Loved your haul.. waiting for the eye shadow palette swatches...


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