Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray & Wet Wipes Review

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When we talk about hygiene it is a vast topic it ranges from body to intimate areas and even using public restrooms/washrooms. At our homes we are so particular about cleanliness in every department and especially our toilets and bathrooms.Everything is amazing when we are at home but once we step outside everything changes.It is not a new thing for me to say that public restrooms/toilets in general are very unhygienic and full of dirt and germs and in certain emergencies we do have to frequent them without any option. Children, elderly people and those who have diabetes do frequent the washroom many times a day.On my blog I had featured a product Pee Safe before and how amazing it is in the past which has now a new and improved packaging.Today I shall share my thoughts on the same and Pee Safe wet wipes which is a new product from them. Read on to know more...

Pee Safe Toilet Seat  Sanitizer Spray & Wet Wipes Review

Pee Safe Toilet Sanitizer

Price: Rs.99/- for 40 ml. Available online HERE & Safetykart

Pee Safe Toilet Seat  Sanitizer Spray Review

About the product:
PeeSafe is a toilet seat sanitizer that kill 99.9% germs. Have you ever imagined that you toilet is full of germs especially the toilet seat? If not, then its not late. Bring home the eminent toilet seat sanitizer called PeeSafe & beat the germs that kills you. It also keeps you safe from diseases like UTI etc.

Pee Safe Toilet Seat  Sanitizer Spray Review

Pee Safe Toilet Seat  Sanitizer Spray Review

The spray comes in a green and grey ombre style packaging. The spray comes sealed which is a good thing. The spray smells good which is a plus point and does not give you headache. Apart from sanitizing the seat it also deodrizes it. You need to spray it on your toilet seat and it will evaporate within 10 seconds. It is perfect to carry along while travelling and can be used everyday at home too. It is a must have for everyone especially while travelling.

Pee Safe Multi Use wet wipes:
Price: Rs.60/- for 10 wipes . Available at discount HERE

Ingredients -Pee Safe  Wet Wipes Review

About the product:
Pee Safe™ Multi Use Wet Wipes are ideal for removal and cleaning of dirt, dust and impurities that can be harmful for health. These multi-use wipes can be used in various places like at home, in vehicles, at restaurants, hotels, offices and while playing sports or travelling even in aircrafts. Multi use wipes from Pee Safe can be used effectively before and after having meals at home or at restaurants.

Why Pee Safe??
Why should we choose multi wet wipes from Pee Safe? This is because these wipes are skin friendly and can be used anytime anywhere. This cleanses hands, fingers and face along with other surface areas such as furniture, electrical wares, kitchen appliances, books etc. This removes germs and keeps you clean and safe against diseases.
Pee Safe  Wet Wipes Review

The wet wipes come in a plastic and sealable blue color pack. The smell is pleasent and refreshing. So what makes these wet wipes different from others?? They can be used on your face, body, intimate areas and also disinfect kitchen surfaces, door handles of washrooms and even commodes in case of emergency. Wet wipes are a must have me for the face and intimate areas - they are life savers.I totally see myself carrying this in my bag along with me while travelling or use it at home as well. It is quite inexpensive and a must have for everyone especially those who are hygiene conscious like me.

My rating on the products: 4.8/5

Pee Safe Toilet Seat  Sanitizer Spray & Wet Wipes are a wonderful innovation and a must have for everyone. This is a boon for those who travel often and can also be used at work which have common restrooms/washrooms. I highly recommend these products for everyone 

I hope this post was informative and useful to all those reading. Comment below with your thoughts, would love to know have you tried Pee Safe before??

Until next time.. Take care and be germ free xoxo

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