Patanjali Activated Carbon Facial Foam Review

Hi everyone,
If you follow me on Snapchat (@natashanatss) you would know that I had purchased the Patanjali Activated Carbon Facial Foam and tried it on and shared my views there as well. I had heard a lot about this product from fellow bloggers and youtubers and hence wanted to give it a try. If you are an old follower you would know I have reviewed so many Patanjali products which are generally good but in my opinion are a hit or miss. Patanjali line of herbal skin care products is a brand endorsed and sold under the name of Baba Ramdev - the famous Indian yoga guru. If you haven't heard about him you must do some research online. Anyways I am going to share my views on this product today and my experience using the same.. Read on to know more.....

Patanjali Activated Carbon Facial Foam Review

Price: Rs.60/- for 60g. Available online HERE
or check your local stores they are available readily now in India.

About the product and Ingredients:

Patanjali Activated Carbon Facial Foam Review

The face wash comes in a black orange opaque tube. It has a flip cap and is travel friendly. I did find the product accumulating on the cap which is annoying but it won't leak is something I can vouch for.Simple packaging nothing fancy.

Patanjali Activated Carbon Facial Foam Review

I have only once tried a body lotion with activated carbon and was highly impressed by it but never tried a face wash/facial foam. Ok so this facial foam has a thick paste like consistency and is greyish black in color, the smell is very soapy but is bearable considering it has activated carbon in it. You need a small amount to work with, foam it in your hand and then apply on the face and do not forget the neck.My face felt brighter and the oil was stripped off from the face but my skin never felt stretchy. I have had serious acne issues with 2 big ones on my forehead and near my mouth. So I can't say the face wash helped in drying them faster but it has prevented occurence of pimples/acne. I have oily skin and open pores, this one does a good job of cleansing my face and the dirt from the pores. It says removes dryness and roughness from the skin but ohh well this is only meant for oily to normal skin in my opinion.I liked this face wash for my oily skin and have been using it non stop might repurchase it in future but I also want to try the Neem and Tulsi one when I buy it will definitely review it.

The Good:
Easily available
Contains activated carbon
Foams well
Cleanses the skin well of dirt and grime
Skin feels brighter post use
Prevents acne/pimples
Can be used by men & women
Travel friendly packaging

The not so Good:
Not meant for dry skin
Smells like soap

Rating: 4.5/5

Patanjali Activated Carbon Facial Foam works well for those with normal to oily skin. It cleanses the face well and helps in fighting the occurence of acne.Those with oily skin must try it.I do recommend

Have you heard of Patanjali Activated Carbon Facial Foam or have you tried it before?? do let me know in the comments section. Hope this post was informative and useful to all those reading.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo


  1. How cool it's a unisex product for both genders the texture looks smooth it won't be so harsh on the skin.

  2. Ótima resenha dica maravilhosa do produto

  3. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing!

  4. Nil I am about carbon facial foam, seemed worked well for your skin.

  5. I love charcoal based products. Will try this...

  6. This used to be my fav when i had loads of acne!

  7. It sounds like a great product except I don't like the smell of soap near my face and my skin is pretty dry xox


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