Keya's Handmade Soaps - My thoughts and brand introduction

Hi everyone,
Summers have already begun in India and it is just going to get hotter by the day. I hate summers as I cannot bear the heat - It makes me go nuts!! Unfortunately Mumbai is always warm and even in winters the weather is not so cold. So what are the essentials for summers - for me definitely handmade and lovely smelling soaps. So when I was researching online I came across Keya's Handmade soaps owned by Mrs. Astha Pranav. I love handmade soaps more than shower gels and was excited when she sent across some soaps to me. Read on to know more about them....

Each soap in this box is priced at INR 50 for 100g

I received 4 soaps inside a lovely cardboard box with a transparent lid on it which makes it easy to spot the color and variant of the soaps. They were all round in shape. Each soap is labelled with name, price and quantity. I wish they label the key ingredients in future as well. However I like simple packaging here as I know that way the brands do not overcharge you for the packaging because all we care about the soap right??

I received the following 4 soaps:
1.  Keya's Black Berry Soap:

2. Keya's Chocolate Orange Soap:

3. Keya's Cool Water Soap:

4. Keya's Strawberry Soap:

All the soaps are organic, handmade and cruelty free. A lot of effort goes into making these as they do not contain chemicals and hence have a shorter shelf life. I have just started using these soaps and will post a mini review of these on my social media - Facebook and Instagram Make sure you follow me there if you don't yet.

Handmade soaps are amazing and I have tried many to be honest. What I like about these soaps is the price point. 50 bucks for 100 g is not bad at all. You can customise a box like this as I have shown above and chose the variants they have.You can also get small and custom made soaps which are ideal for gifting during baby showers, birthdays, festivals etc.  For more information do check out Keya's Handmade soaps Facebook and Instagram handle and they will be ready to help and assist you.

I highly recommend you to try their soaps -  do get them.For the price point and given the fact they are made of natural ingredients you must try☺

I hope you found this post helpful as well as informative. Comment below with your inputs and let me know what you have to say?? ☺

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Until next time.. Keep it cool xoxo

P.S: PR Sample... Unbiased thoughts


  1. These are absolutely fabulous. Can they or how I can purchase as I am in Malaysia?

  2. So many good thing about these soap handmade, cruelty free and organic and the colors are so vibrant I will love to display on my soap dish.

  3. These sound amazing. Cool water soap is intriguing :)

  4. Natasha... I feel for you about the heat... although I love heat, I am sure I would not enjoy extreme heat... xox

    I like the handmade soaps, my youngest is into these now, she likes them even more than shower gels too... I had to purchase a good soap dish so that it would drain and not sit in water melting away xox

  5. The soaps sound amazing and they are so colourful :D

  6. Lovely pics dear! Have a great week! xx

  7. I love handmade soaps and I usually use them only. These look beautiful. I love the pretty colors.

  8. They look like big candies. WOW!! Nicely priced too. Great review!


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