Dresslink Wishlist for 2016!

Hi everyone,
Life is incomplete without online shopping. Most of us depend upon it as you get products easily delivered at your doorstep without making any efforts. Prior to the e- comemerce boom I was against it but most times due to  lack of time we settle for online shopping.As a blogger I have come across many foreign websites which cater to make up, beauty, accessories and clothing. I recently got to know about this online store called Dresslink which has an amazing selection of women's clothing, dresses for babies, accesories, handbags, make up and many more items. Browsing through all the categories I made a wish list and would like to share the products on my wishlist from the website.

1. Leggings :
I am not a fashion conscious person at all. I like my clothes to be simplistic and fuss free. If you know me personally you would know I only wear leggings. I am a curvy and healthy woman and nothing can be more comfortable than this. I pair it with kurtas and long t - shirts at times. You can buy the Women Warm Winter Slim Leggings Stretch Pants Thick Footless Tight HERE

Now can we have enough of them :p No right?? I love handbags and I always try to find ones at reasonable prices online. This online site has a variety of them and you will definitely find something trendy and good for yourself.

This bag is a must for those travelling to offices and especially local trains like us in Mumbai, India.You have a short handle which is very ladylike and then you can carry it on your shoulders with the extended strap. So cool.. I love it ♥ You can buy Korean Style Lady Synthetic Leather Handbag Shoulder Bag for $5.14 HERE

3. Shoes
I always prefer flat shoes as the ones with heels is something I just cannot manage. My leg aches like hell. There are decent options for those who like flat shoes like. I sported the Women's Cute Cat Dog Face Low Heel Comfort Flats Shoes Loafers which are so cute and a must buy (Image below) You may buy it for $ 3.79 HERE

4. Make up brushes
Each and every foreign website I do browse I have to check the make up brush collection ;)
I loved how they have a good variety of make up brush sets and individual brushes. They have amazing dupes of the Real Technique  and Make up revolution brushes. I loved the Kissemoji(TM) Free Shipping Collection Set 4pcs Foundation Makeup Brush Kit Set. Priced at $ 7.68 you can buy it HERE

I also found this  Toothbrush Makeup Brush Foundation Blush BB Cream Powder Portable Brush which is a rage now a days among  make up and beauty experts. It is available for $ 1.52 HERE

5. Make up
We all love the Urban Decay Naked collection of palettes but they are so expensive. I was so happy to find a dupe of the Naked Palette 3 - Fashion Womens Colorful 12 Colors Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Cosmetic Earth Bare Color. It is available for $2.33 . You may buy it HERE

About DressLink.com
Dresslink.com is an worldwide online fashion clothing seller.We are legally registered as a private company in SHENZHEN, CHINA, and have received business license from CHINA government. Purchase at Dresslink.com indicates safe and well-managed trade. 

My overall impression has been great of this website. They have so many products. The clothes section is amazing. They also have the Free Shipping tab and a Flashbuy $0.01 option. Do check it out, I am sure you will find something worthwhile. I am looking forward to shopping with them soon. Will update you all about my experience with them, stay tuned for the same ☺

I hope you all found the post informative and helpful. Tell me what  do you think in the comments section below. Have you shopped from Dresslink before???

Until next time.. Take care xoxo


  1. WOW you could find so many goodies on this website thanks for sharing.

  2. The website sounds great. A word of caution I have also brought a dupe of lorac pro to see what is difference in the org and the dupe. A hair or husk came out when I was tapping my brush on one shade from the dupe. The pigmentation is similar. The dupe is tad bit more powdery. Other than hygiene I do not think dupe is bad. I have read in an article that there are traces of urine and faeces found int those dupe makeup items made in China. The shoes looke very cute. :)

    1. It could be an odd case out.. Many of my friends hv shopped frm websites fr dupes including myself n never had any issues :) I trust dresslink hence m writing abt it :)

    2. Yeah there is no harm in trying too. :)

  3. Thanks for this post, I certainly agree. I bought this from perfumora.com. Because it was so discounted and I had always wanted one. Glad to read this!

  4. I am loving your wishlist. I want one of those Toothbrush Makeup Brush :)

  5. These are some nice picks. Their bag collection is nice.


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