Derma Silk Herbal Skin Whitening Cream Review

Hello everyone,
I shall be talking about another product from the line of Herbal India products. I have reviewed a couple of them already on my blog. You may check the reviews HERE. Herbal India do make products which promise a host of benefits like skin lightening, anti tan and removal/fading  of marks from the face. Today I shall be reviewing the Derma  Silk  Herbal Skin Whitening  Cream. Read on to know more...

Price:  Rs .3500/- for 30g (Ouch!)

Ingredients : Aloe , Almond Oil, Mulberry ,Natural Pearl ,Saffron,Kakadu plum,Rosehips,Honey ,Sandal, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, Curcumin,Long Island grass  #DS

Brand Claims:
+ 24 hr Cream
Whitens the skin with sun like glow
Acts as anti melanin
Restores firmness
Makes skin supple
Improves Elasticity of the skin
Moisturises the skin
Keeps Wrinkles Fine Lines away
Good For Blemishes Melasma Pigmentation SunTan

The cream comes in a huge jar which is transparent and the cream is placed in the centre. There is a cover to ensure the formula of the cream remains intact and does not dry up. It does come with an expiry date and basic information listed at the back of the packaging.The packaging is bulky and not travel friendly in my opinion but if the product is good one can ignore that.

The color of the cream is off white and yellow in color. The cream is quite emolient yet light weight in consistency, it is unlike the mousse like consistency which some of their creams do have. It smells floral. You need a small amount for the whole face. The cream takes sometime to absorb and does not immediately settle in. I use at night and it works best that way as my skin is oily and greasy during the day. However I would like to say that it would work for those with dry skin. It works well overtime and makes the skin supple and firm and also does a good job of moisturizing.Post few applications you can tell the difference you would notice your skin going 2 tones fairer than what it is. Hence I would say it helps in reducing tan although there is no mention of SPF. What I like about these products is that they are made of natural ingredients and hence I vouch that they are safe to use. Know more about their products and how to order through their website HERE

The Good:
Available online
Improves skin elasticity
Smells lovely and floral
Makes skin soft & supple
Helps in reducing tan
Light weight consistency
Ideal for normal to dry skin beauties

The not so Good:
Packaging can be better.
Not recommended for oily skin
Very expensive

Rating: 4/5

Derma  Silk  Herbal Skin Whitening  Cream works best for those with normal to dry skin. It makes the skin soft, supple and keeps it moisturized imparting a lovely glow on repeated use. One may argue about the price but I know some people use high end products which are even more expensive than this one.I do recommend this product if it suits your skin type.

I hope you found this review helpful and useful. Have you tried Herbal India products before? Do let me know in the comments section :)

Until next time.. Take care xoxo

P.S: PR Sample** Unbiased review


  1. I agree packaging could be better but the benefits are their and as per price is better to invest in skincare than makeup. Great review Nat.

  2. Sounded perfect till you mentioned that it works on tan and blemishes. Then I read not suited for oily skin :(

  3. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  4. I would rather tubes and not tubs... I don't like dipping my fingers in it... also I don't really think there is anything that will whiten skin... if there is, I think it might be damaging... it does sound like a good moisturizer though xox

    1. I wud beg to differ here.. firstly indians r more prone to tanning and this cream helps in reducing it.. secondly the cream is devoid of chemicals and made of natural ingredients or else I am against such product promotions.. it works best for dry skin & normal skin as I have tested it on my oily skin and found it a bit greasy..

  5. I like the fact this cream reduces tan but without SPF, I doubt if I will invest in it. Or perhaps using at night will be better option.

  6. Oh my god the price tag...:o

  7. Great review. This is not something I would use because I love a good tan.

  8. I have oily skin but I ll recommend it to my friend!!!

  9. Seriuosly an ouch, but it has natural pearl, damn!! No wonder they are charging a lot. Nicely reviewed :)


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