Neesh Perfumes for Men & Women Review, Price & Availability

Hello everyone,
Just like make up, beauty and skin care is a part of every woman's life, a perfume is definitely of topmost priority to me.I can stand people looking ugly but not if they smell bad. Don't we all judge a person based on how they smell .. Lol but then why not because smelling good is a part of daily hygiene in my opinion. I have lost count of how many deodrants and perfumes I may have used in my lifetime but if I have to choose between both I would go for perfume because nothing can beat the lasting power of perfumes. I was excited when the brand Neesh Perfumes sent me their collection to try and today I am going to share my thoughts on their Ittar perfumes which are claimed to be long lasting. Read on to know more...

Price: Rs.340/- for 20 ml. Available on their website here and at a discounted price with free shipping online here

They have 12 perfumes - 6 for women and 6 for men and I have listed them accordingly according to what I gathered from their website:

Zaafran-e-Hindustan, Sultana,Rose E Mohabatt (L- R)

Key notes:
Zaafran-e-Hindustan -  musk, dark rose, pink rose and Iran saffron
Sultana - a warm breeze of amber and tea rose
Rose E Mohabatt -  honey-suckle, rose and lavender.

Oud De Venice, Belle De Oud, Amour De Oud (L- R)

Key notes:
Oud De Venice -  floral, spicy as cinnamon and a deep scent of amber
Belle D Oud - power of musk and dark amber, delicacy of honey and berries
Amour De Oud - striking balance of timeless musk and dark amber aromatic notes 

Oud E Khaas, Moha Beau T, Eau De Mehfil (L - R)

Key notes:
Oud E Khaaslingering base note of musk and agar wood which transforms into sharp sweet wood with Indian saffron in the top notes
Moha Beau Tcaptivating and voluptuous top note of French-rose and saffron
Eau De Mehfilessence of the scent is to enhance your occasion to the extreme and make your personality unforgettable. Eau de Mehfil has an intoxicating base and a powerful beloved top note.

Attar E Neesh, Attar E Nazakat, Attar E Ishq (L- R)

Key notes:
Attar E Neeshtop note of Indian rose and saffron with a base note of Blackwood and amber.
Attar E Nazakatunmistakable graceful and dry honey and Arabian agar wood smell
Attar E Ishqbase note of sweet vanilla and a top note of nutmeg, bakhoor and cedarwood

All the perfumes come  enclosed in individual cardboard packaging. It comes in a plastic flat dispenser which is  pocket friendly in size hence it  is convenient to carry along while travelling. As we know glass bottles are such a headache to carry along this seems amazing. The pattern on their perfumes and the style reminds of the Mughal era and architecture. The basic information including ingredients are printed at the back of the perfume packaging. 

I use it on my clothes and not the skin and in my opinion it is best to be used that way. I have tried Ittars (They are natural perfume oil derived from botanical sources) in my childhood and the smell lasts all day even after the clothes are washed. I tried the Amour De Oud and it lasted me a good solid 8 hours but I had only spritzed it once on each side of my shoulder. It may last longer if sprayed twice but I feel one spritz is enough as it is quite strong and long lasting and if used in an enclosed environment may give headache to others especially if they don't like strong scents and yes there are people like these too.. Lol.. I really love the concept and variety they offer for the price. While perfumes are so expensive and do not last that long these definitely are a saviour especially now when summers are around.

Rating: 4.5/5

Neesh Perfumes are definitely worth trying and value for money. They have a good variety for men and women too. I always look for long lasting perfumes and these definitely fit my bill also not to mention how pocket and travel friendly they are. I highly recommend you all to try these. These are perfect for gifting too.Go get one You won't be disappointed my guarantee ☺

I hope this review was useful and helpful to all those reading. Comment below with your inputs would love hearing your thoughts? Have you tried Ittar perfumes before???

Until next time.. Smell well with Neesh.. Take care ♥♥

P.S: PR Sample** 1st image taken from brands website


  1. I too loved the fragrances.. can't wait to try these babies... awesome review di...

  2. Ooo it's awesome. Lovely review, definitely worth trying .Thanks for introducing this.

  3. The packaging is pretty like that is for both male and female

  4. Body odour is a big no and sorry to say, perfume is one of those I just don't prefer. But this set is lovely and beautiful vibrant packaging.

  5. Most of the ittar perfumes I tried before had intense fragrance. How are these ones?

    1. Ittar perfumes r meant to be strong n hence long lasting.. These wont give u a headache when used in moderation .. do try them out :)


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