Hiphop Wax Strips for Bikini & Underarm Review

Hello lovelies..
Today I shall be reviewing Hiphop Skin Care's Wax Strips for Bikini and Underarm. Waxing is a part of every woman's life, I guess almost all because strangely we woman take off hair from almost every part of the body Lol  which is so cumbersome and tiring. I am very lazy in that department but I do keep my legs , arms and armpits hair free for hygiene purposes. Also having hair on a woman's body is associated with being manly, Ahem! I am not a feminist but you know sometimes we don't shave our legs for ages :P Let us see how promising this product is in my review........

Price: Rs.150/- for 16+6 (free) = 22 wax strips. They are shaped differently for effective use. 
Available on Amazon & in stores.Check pic to the  right side of my blog .
 It also comes with 4 after depil towelette.

Ingredients and Instructions:

The strips come enclosed in a cardboard box and further neatly packaged inside. It comes with 22 wax strips counting 6 free ones and 4 after depil towlette which is a after wax wet wipe tissue which smells nice and moisturizing and smoothing.

Let me begin by saying that I hate waxing I just can't bear the pain (being honest) and so I got my cousin to try and test this product. The strips need to be pulled apart and placed on the area where your hair needs to get rid of. These strips are made for bikini and underarm waxing and it is best to stick to that and not try it elsewhere. The strips did an effective job of waxing/ taking off the hair from the underarm and bikini line. The towlettes are moist and lovely and do a great job of calming the skin. I would suggest to keep them in the fridge for cooling effect on the skin. It is always good to do a patch test before you use as you would be using it in a sensitive area. Also it is best to not use any perfume or deodrant until 24 hours. Overall for the price it does a great job and is ideal for carrying it on your summery beach vacations

The Good:
Easily available online and in stores
22 strips is a lot for that amount
Comes with after wax towlettes
Perfect for waxing underarms and bikini line
User friendly
Travel friendly

The not so Good:
Can't think of any

Rating: 4.8/5

Hiphop Wax Strips for Bikini & Underarm does an effective job of getting rid of unwanted hair in intimate areas like underarms and bikini line. For the price and its efficacy you cannot get anything better than this. Being a budget beauty I highly recommend based on my cousin's inputs ☺

I hope this review was interesting as well as useful to all those reading. Do comment with your inputs. Have you tried any product from Hiphop Skin care yet???

Until next time.. Take care xoxo

P.S: PR Sample**


  1. Even I can't bear the pain of waxing. I feel epilators are better but for underarms these strips are good.

  2. The only thing I wax is my eyebrows... I just could handle it anywhere else. I'd rather shave often instead... lol... I'm a wimp when it comes to pain... xox ♡♡

  3. When I will get courage to try Waxing I am trying this :D Nice review :)

  4. Great review and I like your honesty! At least someone tried the wax strips. I have never tried waxing before, only shaving but I would be open to try these with such a great review!


  5. I usually go to get my bikini wax professionally but this looks so convenient to try out your review convince us to give it a go no negative issue about this product that is a plus. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Fabulous review. Loved your detailed post.

  7. No cons. I m definitely gonna try them!!!

  8. Great review. I have been waxing for years but I am not a fan of strip waxing I much prefer hard wax I find it much less painful.

  9. I can't take the pain either. But it is essential to be hair-free esp at the armpit and legs. I somehow like to admit I stills shave the scanty fine hair but over time, they hair slowly disappearing. That said, this is a new product and definitely suited compared to other types I have tried before.

  10. Good review Natasha.. I have tried their face wax strips & it is a total failure for me..

  11. Would say the pain is rather less when using these wax strips.
    I always find it rather hard using wax strips on the underarms on my own. It is a little difficult to pull with the force required and it may end up painful.


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