Bornpretty Store Make up brushes Haul & Review + My experience!

Hello everyone,
I am sure you may have heard about Bornpretty Store on my blog before if you regularly follow my blog updates. I have ordered fashion jewellery from them before and was satisfied by the quality of products, shipping and customer service. You may check out the posts here Today I am going to talk about the make up brushes I got from them a while ago and what I think about them in my blog post today.. Read on to know more.....

About Bornpretty Store:
In General the store  is based in Hong Kong does sell a variety of goodies from make up, make up tools, jewellery, Nail art stuff, Watches etc. I have reviewed a lot of their fashion jewellery but they also do have make up, make up brushes and other tools which I wanted to explore.

The Bornprettynmakeup section consists of the following departments:
Cosmetic brush kit
Eye make up 
Face make up
False Eye lashes
Contact Lens
Make up Accessories
Make up care 
Make up Tools

I did select make up brushes as I mentioned because as a beauty enthusiast I simply cannot get more of them. Let me tell you what I got this time:
1. 20Pcs/set Black Long Makeup Brush Kit Soft Hair Wooden Handled Cosmetic Brush Set
Price: $ 6.99 . Available here

All the brushes came in a plastic pouch and individual plastic wraps  which I liked. They all have a black handle and the brushes are not made of animal or human hair. They are synthetic brushes and are of decent quality 

The 5 brushes in the picture above are mostly good for eye make up and eyebrows. 5 out of 3 are dual ended and can be used for multiple purposes.

The spooley in the set is ideal for framing the eyebrows. The small tip brushes are good for lipstick application and applying shadow in the inner corner of the eye. The last one is good for applying glitter eyeshadow to the eye lids.

These brushes are good for eyeshadow application. They work well with cream eyeshadows too. The ones with a bigger tip are ideal for concealing spots and under eye dark circles

The first one is good as a pencil brush for eye  make up as well as blending eye shadow in the crease. Also the second is good for eyeshadow blending. The fat brush is ideal for foundation application and last one for eyebrows or applying highlighter on the brow bone.

2. 1Pc Newly Wooden Handled Foundation Brush Angled Makeup Brush
Price: $ 4.40 Available online here

This brush comes with a wooden handle.The bristles are cut at an angle hence the name of the brush. The bristles are soft and easy to work with on the face. The brush was a little smaller than what I expected honestly. I use it for my foundation and it gives an airbrushed effect. It is great for buffing the product into the skin. I also use it for powder, blush and for contouring. This brush serves as a multi purpose tool. I have washed it 3 times and did not experience any shedding which is commendable. For the price it does a decent job in my opinion.

Rating: 4.5/5

My overall experience of shopping from the make up brushes section of Bornpretty store was amazing. They have single brushes and even sets. They have dupes of real techniques too which I would love to try someday. The brushes came to me in 10 days. They have Free Shipping which I love and there is no minimum amount. Ordering less is the best to save you from customs as huge packages get easily noticed.Strangely in India one can never find good quality make up brushes by brand. Most of them are hell expensive hence I highly recommend Bornpretty Store for some decent quality make up brushes at reasonable rates.

Have you shopped from Bornpretty Store before for make up or make up brushes?? Do let me know in the comments section..

Until next time.. Take care xoxo

P.S: PR Sample** Unbiased review


  1. They sounds like it works and they do not shed that is a plus for the price.

  2. Natasha... that is a good review and awesome that they don't shed for that price... very nice xox

  3. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  4. Great review hun. I really love their products. I don't usually buy sets but this one looks nice.

  5. Brushes have never been part of my beauty haul. Still, this collection is really great.

  6. These brushes sound amazing and the pricing is quite affordable too.

  7. Except from a powder brush I am all in for synthetic brushes. I like my powder brushes very soft and silky which makes Sigma my favorite. :)

  8. This looks pretty interesting.Even the brushes are looking of fine quality.Let me check this holy grail site..

  9. I cant have enough of brushes. Rightly said about the brushes in India, expensive and quality is okayish. These brushes are far better. I havenot tried these yet, must one day :)

  10. what a lovely post my dear
    your style is so amazing and inspiring
    simply love it!
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE


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