Biocare Saffron Nourishment Cream Review

Hello everyone,
Before I turned into a blogger I would buy creams and lotions from the local beauty store just like any common person would do. In one of my visits I got this huge tub of cream called the Biocare Saffron Nourishment Cream. This brand is not new to me as I have tried their products before. It is a hit and miss line in my opinion. Read on to know my experience using the cream....

Price: Rs. 199/-  I had got it for Rs.110/-  for 500 ml Available online here


The cream comes in a huge tub which is transparent with a white plastic screw cover.Ingredients and instructions are mentioned on the tub packaging. Since it is a cream and not  a lotion you need to dip your fingers in which can be a bit unsanitary. It is travel friendly only if you transfer it in a small container

The cream is saffron orange in color. It is thick and not runny but the texture is appropriate for the body as a cream. Now it says to apply on the face but I would not want to do that as it is greasy for my oily to combination skin but for moisturizing the body it does a great job. I love the smell a lot it smells like shrikhand ;) (hung curd mixed with saffron and sugar :P popular dish in India) I think it is a lovely budget buy cream only I wish it did not contain parabens.It claims about fairness and stuff but I can't really can't say anything about it as I would not recommend trying it on the face.

The Good:
Easily available
Smells wonderful
Makes skin soft 
Contains saffron 
Dry skin ladies can use it on the face

The not so Good:
Huge tub not travel friendly
Not ideal for face application for those with oily skin
Contains parabens

Rating: 3.5/5

Biocare Saffron Nourishment Cream does a great job of keeping the skin moisturized and making it soft and supple.It smells lovely and is decent.It is an average product for me because of parabens in it.

I hope this review was helpful and useful to all those reading. Comment below with your inputs. Have you tried Biocare products yet?? Do let me know

Until next time.. Take care xoxo


  1. nice review
    can be used for the body at best

  2. I never saw a moisturizing cream that contains Saffron that is so interesting I love the ingredients in rice and other recipes but never the face. So amaze by this information sound very interesting and helpful for the skin.

  3. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing!

  4. Sounds like a very interesting product. Love your honesty.

  5. The packaging looks cheap too. Color is attractive though :)

    1. its not that bad.. that it what u can get fr that price and quantity :D

  6. Lately when I am purchasing items I don't like tubs... I just bought a hair masque in a tub, after one use I remembered why I didn't want to use them, they can be so messy xox I also don't like using a body cream on my face, probably silly... it sounds like a nice scent though xox

  7. This looks a bit heavy for my combination skin :) Nice review Nats :)

  8. Hi

    Thanks for your brief
    I am using this from one month.
    I don't know what paraben s are there.
    But this is find amazing.
    It makes me skin feel oil free and rich texture is what is too obvious to notice .

    This is the best .


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