Patanjali Coconut Oil Review and how I use it !!

Hello everyone,
Life has been busy and I do not feel like blogging sometimes due to lack of motivation, no fresh ideas and sometimes poor health. Everyone goes through this phase and now after 3 years of doing the same thing I have decided to go slow and enjoy what I do. I wanted to talk about the Patanjali Coconut Oil which I have been using since the last 2 years and how much I have been loving it. Read on to know more....

Ingredients & nutritional information:

Price: Rs. 65/- for 200ml. Earlier it was 28 bucks - Talk about inflation :/

Shelf life: 15 months from mfg date.

Available across all Patanjali stores in India and even online here

Some of the ways I use coconut oil:
  • To remove my eye make up and it is the best way to take out any stubborn eye make up
  • As a body oil to make sure my skin does not become dry in winters.You could add a few drops of essential oils like lavender, lemon grass they will help you de stress as well.
  • As a lip balm - Most lip balms contain coconut oil hence it is best for the lips. You can store it in a container and keep it refrigerated because otherwise it may melt. Once it is solidified it can be used on the lips.
  • Oiling the hair oil with coconut oil is a tradition our moms passed on to us but then it is a must to oil the hair atleast once a week to keep them soft and nourished.So thank you Mommy ☺
  • It can also be used under the eyes to keep the area around the eyes soft and wrinkle free. It is best advised to use before bed time.
  • We also use it in cooking sometimes it gives a lovely taste and aroma to the food.

The oil comes in an opaque plastic flat bottle with a flip cap. All the instructions and ingredients are mentioned on the back of the bottle. The packaging is very basic and decent which is ok. The bottle is quite big but is travel friendly.

The oil is neither too thick nor thin. It is non sticky and light weight. Of course it smells like coconuts :p Eureka!! I use it to oil my hair once a week and I usually use it lukewarm and massage it to my scalp and keep it over night. You would need to shampoo your hair twice which is with most oils to take it off and that is ok. My hair feels softer and nourished post using it. Parachute coconut oil has been a staple oil in India and it is good but I find this coconut oil to be the purest form I have ever tried, I am not 100% sure if it is cold pressed as those are very expensive .I highly recommend this oil it is the best I have tried so far. I have also reviewed some of Patanjali's products on my blog before. You may check them out here

The Good:
Easily available
Non sticky
Purest form I have tried
Multiple uses for hair, skin & body
Ideal for cooking
Travel friendly packaging

The not so Good:
Availability for some

Rating: 5/5

Patanjali Coconut Oil is one of the purest and inexpensive coconut oil available in the market. I have been using Patanjali products owned by the famous Yoga guru Baba Ramdev and loved whatever I have tried. I love that the products are Made in India and is targetted at common masses. I highly recommend this oil to all - A must try ☺

I hope this post was informative and useful to all those reading.Kindly comment with your thoughts below.. Have you tried this coconut oil from Patanjali before????

Until next time.. Happy Friday and take care xoxo


  1. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing!

  2. I saw it on your IG page and so want to try especially after reading your review. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. They will give a tough competition to parachute coconut oil. Nice review!

  4. This hair oil sounds very impressive. Nicely reviewed.

  5. Natasha, we all need to take time to ourselves... when I first really started blogging in 2012, I did so every day... I couldn't imagine doing that now, once a week is plenty for me ♡

    The oil sounds great, I should use this for my eyes xox

  6. Seems like great hair oil. Nice review!!!

  7. I am adding one Patanjali product to wishlist every other day. I am trying this too :) Thanks for sharing.

  8. It's for external use or internally can be used for cooking and raw eating??

    1. U get the oil in a jar as well which can be used for cooking.. please refer to patanjalis website fr more info on the same!

  9. The oil is really fine, but what about the cold pressed thing,how important is it for an oil to be cold pressed?


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