Mitti Se Pure Rose Water Review

Hello everyone,
Hope this December is coming along good for you so far. It is the last month of the year and definitely a month to rewind back through time to think what you have achieved, what not and what should be your focus in the coming year. I am not a person to share on social media as to what my resolutions are because they are personal and they are for me & myself. All I know is my life will change next year & I am positive about it for once. Anyhoo let us now talk about the product I shall review today from the brand Mitti Se I have spoken previously on my blog. If you remember I had talked about their Grapefruit Lip Balm and today I shall be reviewing Mitti Se Pure Rose Water for you all. Read on to know more......

Price: Rs.130 for 50 ml. Available on their website here
Also available on

Shelf life: 18 months 

What does the brand say:
Cleanses, tones skin, maintains natural pH balance. Suitable for cooking purposes also.

The rose water comes in a square shaped bottle with a pink label on it and a flip cap which helps in dispensing the appropriate amount required. It is travel friendly and since the bottle is small it can be easily carried in your handbag. The bottle can be reused which I like ☺

The rose water is undiluted as they have claimed and that is true because when you sniff it you can tell the difference between this one and the other brands. It smells like roses obviously.. Lol but you will get the feeling as if you are sniffing a real rose if that makes sense. I am a big fan of rose water and have tried so many brands every skin care brand is making one now. Rose water is a staple for me and I cannot live without it. The two ways I use it is by using it on a cotton wool and wiping off my face - this way all the dirt & grime comes off easily and it also makes the skin clean & soft. The other way is I transfer some to a spritz bottle and spritz it on my face 3 to 4 times a day - it instantly makes me feel fresh and energized. I will try and do some DIY with rose water on my blog sometime. For now I can just say that rose water is a  must have for everyone and I love this one from Mitti se as it is the purest form I have tried so far. It can also be used in cooking - desserts to be precise.  Rose water can be used for all skin types and is really good for glowing & problem free  skin - trust me ☺

The Good:
Easily available online
Decent packaging
Undiluted & pure form
Smells heavenly
Cleanses & tones the skin
Helps in reducing open pores
Ideal for all skin types
Can be used for cooking too.
Bottle can be re used
Travel friendly

The not so Good:
A bit pricey for the quantity provided

Rating: 4.5/5

Mitti Se Pure Rose Water is the purest form of rose water I have tried. It cleanses & tones the skin without any chemicals in it. It is 100% natural and can be used by people of all skin types. I highly recommend this rose water to one and all ☺

I hope this post was informative and useful to all those reading. Kindly comment below with your inputs. Have you tried the Mitti Se Pure Rose Water before???

Until next time.. Take care xoxo


  1. Rose water gives so many good benefits to the skin great review. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. That's great. Comparing with Kama ayurveda this is a bargain!

  3. Social media and the things people share?? Mmm!! Just wrote some stuffs about that as the intro the recipe just a while ago. But guess, as bloggers we need social media, don't we. Rose water - I like its dual purpose. For cooking, of course excited me and for the skin, over excited.

  4. I think I know what you mean regarding the scent. Great review as usual. Rose water isn't a must for me, but whenever I need it i'll consider this :)

  5. sounds awesome........lovely review :)

  6. My sister is a huge fan of rose water... she said it helps her skin stay youthful... I'll have to give it a try xox ♡

  7. This sounds quite nice and cheaper when compared to Kama Ayurveda rose water.

  8. I am hearing about this brand for the first time. If i is real rose water, then I guess it is a bargain at this price!
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  9. This sounds really nice.. I wish this brand was available easily online on other sites as well...

  10. I use rose water a lot, and have not tried out this brand, will check it out


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