$1 haul & my shopping experience

Hello everyone,
I am very excited to bring the post to you today. First thing is I would like to wish all my Indian readers a very Happy Diwali & a prosperous New Year. The season of festivities has begun and what do we do at such times gift each other, eat lovely Indian sweets and do lots of shopping. Few months before I came across this site and could not take my eyes of it. There are tonnes of reviews on Youtube and everyone has been raving about the website. Yes I am talking about Read on to know why I love this website and what makes it so special and unique from the rest...

Everything on this website costs a $1 isn't that amazing. Shopmissa .com is a website which operates from USA. They have so much variety of goodies that you will be spoilt for choice. They have make up, jewellery, accessories, inner wear, charms, braceletes and the list is just endless.

Their shipping rates are as follows:

  • To U.S: $3.95
  • To Canada: $5.95
  • All International: $9.95

I got 25 items from them which includes jewellery, make up, make up brushes & accessories. When I placed the order I received a confirmation on my email and also received a tracking no. where I could track my parcel which was a sigh of relief as I have been unlucky in receiving parcels especially from the US. The product was shipped on the 2/10/15 and arrived in Delhi and was with customs since 19/10/15. I received the parcel on the 7th of November and I was quite miffed that the post office guy left it below my building in the common mail box and did not hand it over to me personally. The PR Jean was really helpful as I did contact her and she readily replied and checked from her end as well ☺Anyhoo all the products were wrapped systematically and individually and the bubble wrap was secure as well.I was impressed by that. 

Let me show you what I got and not to forget each item costs a $1:
Malibu Glitz 6 Eyeshadow - Uptown Girl (Left)
Malibu Glitz 8 Color Bold Eyeshadow Set (#1 -4) - #1
LA Colors 3 Color Eyeshadow- Orchid
9 Jewel Tone Eyeshadow Palette - 1 BROWN
LA Colors - 5 color Metallic Eyeshadow - Wines & Roses
LA Colors - Jumbo pencil - Sweet wishes
LA Colors - Eyeshadow Pot - Spiced
Two of the eyeshadow palettes came shattered but being a beauty blogger I knew how to fix it ;)

Princessa Creamy Matte Lipstick = 18 - Bombshell
LA Colors - Color Craze Nail Polish - Animated
LA Colors - Nail Treatments - Rapid Dry Top Coat
LA Colors - Jellie, Shimmer & Sparkle - Clear 

Elf Essential Smudge Brush
Elf Essential Crease Brush

Chandelier Statement Earings Silver
Chain Link Earing Silver 
Turquoise Bead Circle Earings Silver
Trio Multi sized Hoop Earings 
3- Tier Cross Dangle Earing Silver

Chain Link & Metallic Bead Necklace - Clear
Fierce Multi Turqoise Stone Necklace - Teal
Gemstone Cluster Accent Necklace - Multi
Vintage Metal Statement Necklace - Silver

Butterfly Turqoise Stone Ring - Gold
Crystal Heart Lock Dangle CHARM

Julia Sunglasses - Dark Green

I was so excited when I received the parcel which was just in time for Diwali. For a $1 you cannot expect anything more. One may argue about the shipping I would still say it is ok considering some of the websites its quite pricey and you can order as many things you like. I shall buy something from them hopefully soon. Do check out the website it is truly amazing. If you follow me on my blog and know me personally you may know I like budget friendly products. I highly recommend everyone to check the website.

I hope you found this post helpful and liked my haul as well. Kindly leave a comment below with your inputs. Would love to know if you have shopped from Shopmissa before???

Until next time.. Have a happy & safe Diwali.. Take care xoxo

P.S: I was invited by the brand to try their products & services. My opinions & thoughts are always unbiased & to the point


  1. Awesome haul Nats...loving the eye shadows!! They sell some real cute stuffs

  2. Awesome haul dear !!

  3. OMG!! That's a lot of products and worth indeed the price. Going over to check now.

  4. Wow Nat I never heard of this website until now thanks for sharing is a great deal. Happy Diwali to you doll.

  5. Awesome haul. Checking out the website now :D

  6. These are all so gorgeous!...thx for sharing!

  7. Hey Natasha u rock girl..!!! Thanks for sharing wid us this amazing post...lots of love

  8. You got some wonderful things here Natasha! Especially the jewelry is lovely. xoxo, Sissi

  9. Lovely haul Nats! Eyeshadows looks good. I would like to see how they perform. Jewelleries are also pretty.

  10. looks perfect stop for getting hands on ELF and accessories. Shipping rates are just WOW!! Great haul. Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. Wow.. great Haul, love those eyeshadows, although I haven’t tried shopping from this brand, it seems promising! I'll surely give it a whirl. Happy Diwali
    Style.. A Pastiche! – Diwali OOTD -

  12. Chic sunglasses :)
    Maria V.

  13. I haven't tried this website yet. Shall definitely check it out!!!

  14. woww the haul is amazing...I'm checking it out for sure..

  15. Did they send you the products for review or did you pay for them? and did the customs charge u anything?

  16. You have not read my review I have mentioned everything.. Thanks

    1. Actually I have to order some stuff for my sister..I just wanted to know except the shipping charges did you pay custom charge??! reply

  17. Hey I did read the review and that's why asked if they sent you the products or you ordered them on your own. I had to pay a huge customs the last time i ordered from them

  18. Yes it was sent me so i did not have to pay.. customs r a pain i know.. ideally it is better to order less so that the parcel doesn't get caught

  19. Hi Natasha, read ur blog and i have an issue with my order. Shows arrived in country on 19th dec as the last status in tracking record from globegistics but dont know if stuck in customs. How do i know or u knew if it is/was stuck in customs? Shipment is to pune. Please help! Thank you

  20. Hi Natasha, read ur blog and i have an issue with my order. Shows arrived in country(Delhi) on 30th dec as the last status in tracking record from globegistics but dont know if stuck in customs. How do i know or u knew if it is/was stuck in customs? Shipment is to Madhya Pradesh. Please help! Thank you

    1. I received my order after a mnth of it being shipped .. it was stuck in customs at delhi fr 15 days or more.. i did not have to pay any customs bt the package took almost 4 weeks to reach me..

  21. Hi, nice review and awesome stuff. I have one question, did you pay anything to the custom?

    1. no i did not have to pay customs bt it took a month fr the products to reach me

  22. Have you contacted them or they only sent your parcel? Plz reply

    1. haven't i mentioned in the post that they were sent to me and it took me a month to receive it..


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