Maybelline New York White Superfresh Compact Review in Pearl

Hello lovelies,
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today I shall be talking about the much talked about & newly launched Maybelline New York White Superfresh Compact Powder. Maybelline has been coming out with amazing products in the market in quick succession  and the best part is that they are on the affordable side. On my blog I have always talked about budget friendly make up products and hands down Maybelline is my favourite drugstore brand in terms of quality and price factor. Since I recieved this compact I have been using it religiously every single day and today I shall be telling you my thoughts on it. Read my review to know more.......

Ingredients: Nothing mentioned.

Price: Rs. 150/- for 8g. Available at any Maybelline counter across India and check online here

What does Maybelline say about the product:
Stay Fair & Fresh 12 Hours With The New White Super Fresh Compact
Maybelline New York introduces it's all new perfecting compact powder, White Super Fresh that comes in three shades, Pearl, Shell and Coral. The new perlite formula absorbs oil and sweat and gives you a fresh look all through the day. Now bid goodbye to touch-ups and stay fresh and fair upto 12hours.
Here's why you will love it:
- UV filters protects skin from both sun darkening and damage.
- Helps you stay 12HR Fair and Fresh
- Perlite, a pure mineral that helps absorbs oil and sweat.
- gives a naturally perfect-looking complexion
- Suitable for everyday use.

How does White Super Fresh stand out compared to all you other compact powders? 
- It lasts up to 12 hours.
- No dabbing, washing or touch-ups necessary.
- Keeps you fresh and fair throughout the day.
- Absorbs sweat and doesn't let your skin get patchy.
- Available in 3 shades for your skin tone: Pearl (Light to Medium), Shell (Medium) & Coral (Medium to Dark)

The compact comes in a cardboard case and enclosed in a transparent plastic case. The compact is made of plastic of course and is white in classy - very classy and sophisticated and can be flaunted anywhere due to its stylish looks.  It comes with a puff which is basic & soft and does a good job in application and touch ups throughout the day. It also comes with a mirror which I absolutely love as I do not like carrying a separate mirror in my handbag/purse. 

Before & after application - powder used over moisturizer 

The shade I went for as per my skin tone was Pearl. This is the lightest shade among the three. It has a lovely fragrance - quite fruity in my opinion. The powder is light weight and smooth. It is a yellow tone powder and post application gives the skin a fresh ( not white) and matte look. The formula  would work for most skin tones but considering the winters approaching one would need to use a good moisturizer under it. I noticed there is no sunscreen mentioned hence I suggest using one before you apply the powder for good sun protection. My skin is oily to combination and this really worked well for me in keeping the oiliness at bay. The skin stays fresh upto 6 hours post which depending on the humidity the T zone will get oily and one would need to touch up. It covers minor blemishes & imperfections but do not expect full coverage from it. There are only 3 shades available, I am not sure if that is enough - they should come up with more I believe but the one I used worked perfectly for my skin tone. A great budget compact and a must try for the price!

The Good:
Easily available everywhere
Classy white packaging
Soft & smooth texture
Smells lovely & fruity
Makes you look fresh
Controls oiliness on the face 
Long lasting
Travel friendly

The not so Good:
Ingredients not mentioned
Limited shade selection

Rating: 4.2/5

Maybelline New York White Superfresh Compact -Pearl is a budget friendly product which gives a fresh look to the face, controls the oil on the face and keeps you fresh for a long period of time. At 150 bucks you cannot miss this. I highly recommend it to everyone.

I hope this review was informative as well as helpful to all those reading. Kindly comment below with your thoughts I do love reading them.Have you tried this compact? Do let me know ☺

Until next time.. Take care xoxo

P.S: The product was sent by the brand for consideration. My views are honest & are based on my experience using the product


  1. Its great for your skin tone and type. I wish I was using it at summers :-)

  2. This is the first time I heard of this product and it looks amazing on your skin the before and after you could see the coverage difference.

  3. I dint get a match in this... But thinking of picking one for Mum. Maybelline seriously nails every product :) Lovely review as usual :)

  4. These compacts look really nice and they are super affordable. Just wish they had a better colour range.

  5. Maybelline my brand especially the lipsticks. This compact is nice but without SPF, I have to think before buying.

  6. I love the product on your skin my sweet friend!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  7. looks like an awesome product - lovely review!

  8. I'm using this one currently and I like it. Its better than Loreal Matte Magique compact.

  9. thanks for the review dear...I was planning to try this one...

  10. I wish ingredients list was present. My compact is still at my fiance's place ;)


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