Hiphop Twister Nail Polish Remover with Sponge Review & How to use!

Hello lovelies,
Hence forth in my future reviews I shall be reviewing some new launches from the brand Hiphop who make some amazing skin & nail care products. If you are an old follower on my blog you would know I had reviewed some of the products from their line last year. You may check them out here We all like products which our make our lives easy - one such product I shall talk about is for the nails. I have time and again ranted how I find applying nail paints such a pain and taking them off as well but Hiphop as a brand has kept that in mind and made some products which  make removing nailpaint off a piece of cake and fuss free. I shall be talking about Hiphop Twister Nail Polish Remover in my post today and my experience using it. Read on to know more......

Price: Rs.175/- for 25 ml.You may buy it here

Ingredients and what the brand has to say:

The product comes in a small tub packaging which has a flip cap. The body is black in color and the the cap is red. It is perfect to carry with you in the bag and even on holidays where the last thing you want to do is carry acetone and cotton with you.

The bottle contains a sponge inside filled with nail polish remover & conditioning agents like Glycerin and Castor oil. All you need to do is swirl your finger in between, there is an opening in the centre and within seconds your nail paints will be off from your nails. Due to the presence of castor oil it will feel a bit oily but it will be moisturizing unlike acetone which tend to dry the area around the nails.  One may argue about it getting dry but it does not if you keep it sealed each time you use it. I am using the nail polish remover pads and it never dried on me I am still using it. You may check the review of that one here. I think it is a great concept and must have for those who are nail paint junkies and those who like to paint and change their nail paint often. I totally see myself carrying it on vacation and I feel is a must have for those who travel frequently.

The Good:
Easily available online
Fuss free tub packaging
Comes with a flip cap
Takes nail paint off in seconds
Does not make the nails dry or stained
Conditions the nails & cuticles
Acetone free
Travel friendly

The not so Good:
Cannot think of any

Rating: 5/5

Hiphop Twister Nail Polish Remover with Sponge  is a must have product for all especially those who travel, are always on the go and love trying out different nail paints all the time. A must buy product for everyone.

I hope this post was informative and helpful to everyone reading. Kindly leave a comment with your inputs and also have you tried a product like this before ☺

Until next time.. Take care xoxo


  1. Never tried this sort of nail polish removers. sounds like a winner to me :)

  2. I like the convenience great to take to your travels. They sell the big one here you could do all your fingers at once but is to big to travel with great post and introduction of the product.

  3. Awesome method and easy to use... Will try it soon
    Nice Review :)

  4. Love your blog!!!
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  5. Fabulous review. Loved your detailed post.

  6. I've tried a similar product for the same effect. This is more latest and I sure won't mind investing in. So easy and so clean to remove polish.

  7. I LOVE this kind of nail polish remover... it is awesome... I have my nails shellac'd though so this doesn't work for me right now... xox

  8. Best for travelling purpose. Very useful. Great review. :)

  9. I'll try this soon. Great review <3

  10. This is definitely cheaper to other sponge nail polish removers in the market. It sounds effective too.

  11. wow I never used this kinda nail polish remover. This remover seem very convenient to use. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Looks interesting dear :) Nice review :)


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