Faces Canada Eyeshadow in no FES00245 Review & Swatches

Hello everyone,
I am going to talk about make up today. There are some essentials in make up and one of them is a nice matte black eye shadow. I have not reviewed many eyeshadows on my blog and the primary reason being I don't have the time or rather  I would say patience but that doesn't mean I do not like eyeshadows. I usually go for a single eyeshadow look all over the lid and usually prefer neutral shades. I had received this as a gift from my friend Jhilmil from Beauty & Beyond on Friendship's day. At first I thought what will I do with a matte black eyeshadow as I am a neutral girl but fell in love with it. I am reviewing Faces Canada  Eyeshadow in no FES00245 today. Read on to know more.......

Price: Rs.549/- for 2g. Available in their store may be  - could not locate online

The single eyeshadow comes enclosed in a plastic container like most shadows do. Ingredients are mentioned at the back but so tiny could not read it. It does not come with an applicator or mirror. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly. The single shadow looks big from the outside but the pan inside is quite tiny. Well 2g hence I get the point.

The eyeshadow is best described as a matte black color with a hint of grey to it. There is no shimmer to it which is a big yayy. A black matte eyeshadow is essential in every make up vanity. It is perfect to create smokey eyes, can be used as a soft eyeliner and also the way I use it is to set my kajal/kohl so that it does not smudge and stay in place for hours together. I have a few kajals which smudge like noone's business and in fact each time I use a kohl on my materline or the lash line I set it with this eyeshadow and it stays put for hours without any smudging. It is not chalky but there can be a tiny amount of fallout which is acceptable in my opinion. The pigmentation is good, only the price is a bit steep for the amount of shadow you get. I really like this one for everyday use and I recommend you to give it a go whenever there is a discount at the store as I was not able to locate it online.

The Good:
Good pigmentation
Not chalky
Matte black
No shimmer
Can be used to set kohl on lower and upper lash line
Can be used as an eye liner
A must have in every woman's make up kitty
Travel friendly packaging.

The not so Good:
Difficult to read the ingredients - very tiny
Does not come with any applicator or mirror
Price is a bit steep for the quantity you get
Availability not sure as not mentioned on their website

Rating : 4.2/5

Faces Canada  Eyeshadow in no FES00245 is  a lovely matte black eyeshadow which is  a must have in every woman's make up kitty. I use it to set my kohl/kajal and it does an effective job in that department. Do check this product in their stores as I was able to locate it online and neither on their website. Highly recommended

I hope this review was useful as well as informative to all those reading. Kindly leave a comment below with their inputs. Which is your favourite  matte black eyeshadow do let me know.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo


  1. I've never used a black shadow but I like the idea of setting my liner with one. I wish more shadows came with a mirror but it usually adds to the cost ;-) .... Have a great week Natasha xox ♡

  2. Great eyeshadow I like using dark shadow when I smoke the eye.

  3. Nice shade for the smokey look. But for me, I seldom have the time to smoke up and not good too with the art to shade. Also, dark shades makes me dark circles more prominent. Even if I shade my eyes, its the light shades so that my eyes looks awake.

  4. It's tiiinyyy. For me a matte black single eyeshadow is must, ill search this the next time I want it.

  5. I enjoy using matte balck shadows. They are great for smuding on the lashline and for creating smokey looks.

    Keisha xo

  6. Looks like a really nice matte black eye shadow. I end to avoid shimmery black eye shadows so this is definitively worth checking out.

  7. Looks like a really nice matte black eye shadow. I end to avoid shimmery black eye shadows so this is definitively worth checking out.

  8. The price is definitely on the higher side considering the amount of product. Nice product though and great review. :)

  9. Such a wonderful black matte shade, I love using a matte black shade. Nice review dear <3

  10. Faces has always been my favorite brand. This seems good for smokey looks!!!

  11. The pigmentation is amazing... I have been really looking out for a nice black matte eye shadow but even i feel the price is definitely on a higher side...


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