IHA Naturals Lumiderm Fairness Beauty Bar Review

Hello everyone,
I had not blogged since last Monday  as I just did not feel I should for personal reasons also I don't force myself to blog anymore. In my life I always believe in quality rather than quantity. The heat in Mumbai has killed us literally which in turns takes over the mood as well. The room I work in is not air conditioned hence life becomes miserable as well. Anyhoo I am sure the weather will get better and so will my mood as I did not mean to rant here ☺. I am on Instagram if you do not follow me yet please do so to catch up with my blog updates and my daily life scenarios as well. Today I shall be reviewing a facial beauty  bar from the brand IHA Naturals called IHA Naturals Lumiderm Fairness Beauty Bar  . I love my face washes from the beginning but I don't mind a bar as well. Read on to know my thoughts........

Price:Rs.120/- for 100g. Available on their website http://ihavedicbeauty.com/

Ingredients & about the product:

What does the brand say:
Lumiderm Natural(For a lighter & Brighter Skin) :  Infused with natural skin whitening herbs & natural sunscreens, IHA LUMIDERM Natural Fairness Beauty Bar takes complete care of your complexion. It's natural skin whitening actives & sunscreens like Turmeric, Manjishtha & Licorice help in reducing excessive melanin production, protect skin from UV A & B rays of sunlight and also protect skin against UV induced skin ageing.

The soap comes sealed in a plastic clean film inside a cardboard box packaging . It is a rectangular shaped soap bar. There is no imprint on it or anything fancy just a plain soap. All the ingredients are mentioned on the box itself. 

With turmeric, saffron and licorice as the key ingredients the color of the soap is an orangey sunset yellow.It is semi transparent and looks like a gel based soap variety. It smells a mixture of floral and herbal. Soaps like these are best when used during bath. Since it is a facial bar it is best used for the face and not body. The soap lathers well and does a good job of cleansing the skin without drying it. The skin looks refreshed and lighter with repeated use. I like that it has no chemicals and did not break out my skin. About the fairness claim well no product makes you fair in my opinion also one should be proud of their skin color. This soap is meant to brighten your dull/tanned skin and that is about it. There is nothing much I can pinpoint as faulty, it is a decent soap and a must try for the price.

The Good:
Available online
Decent and simple packaging.
Smells nice and mild
Brightens skin with regular use
Does not dry the skin
Chemical free
Cruelty free
100% natural ingredients

The not so Good:
Facial bars are not for people on the go

Rating: 4.2/5

IHA Naturals Lumiderm Fairness Beauty Bar  is a 100% natural facial bar which cleanses the skin well leaving it bright,refreshed and lighter. It is ideal for everyday use and with regular use works well on the skin. I urge you to try this facial bar for the price.

I hope the informative provided in the post was useful and informative. Kindly leave your comments below and please leave your blog links if you are visiting here for the first time.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo

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  1. I hope you could keep yourself cool is hard to work in a uncomfortable environment, one of my favorite type of post is the amazing soap you manage to get your hands on great review.

  2. This sounds so natural. I am definitely gonna check it out. I hope you ll be in good mood soon :) Even its super hot at my place too!

  3. Seldom I use bars but this one is nice esp to brighten the skin. Its not so much about using but keeping in the right container. So true also what you have said about blogging. I feel the stress as well. Spending lots of time cleaning up what I wrote horrendously previously and once done, I think instagram, facebook, google+ are easier. Just a caption with the pictures.

  4. This soap reminds me of a brand we had called Pears soap for the face... it was back in the 80's and 90's... I loved it, this looks like a good one Natasha... I too do not force myself to blog, I write when I can ... I hope it cools down for you a bit in the coming weeks xox

  5. Lovely post, have a beautiful week! kisses

  6. Great review Natasha. This sounds like a great soap.

  7. Natural and works on removing tan. Sounds like a product worth trying.


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