Himalaya Herbals Men Intense Oil Clear Lemon & Power Glow Licorice Face Wash Review

Hello everyone,
How is the weather treating you? It has been miserably hot here so much so we have no option than to sit in an air conditioned room all day. The skin is oily as a frying pan, hair is stinky in a day.. Phew!! So it is very important that one takes care of their hair & skin in such a bad weather because we do not like pimples nor stinky hair. While we women have zillion of options in skin care & hair care - Poor Men have limited options in the budget friendly department - correct me if I am wrong?? 

I have many male followers on Instagram who constantly ask me for advice on skin care and wanted me to feature some product for men as well but then I need someone to test it right? I was happy when I was sent Face washes by Himalaya Herbals which is one of my favourite brand. If you remember last December I had been to the event where they created a Guinness World Record for maximum facials at the same time (286)  - you may check it out here. I asked my brother to try out these face washes as I cannot use them obviously and I shall share his views on both the face washes today...

Packaging: The face washes come in a giant and chubby tube which is dark green in color. They have a flip cap which makes life easy for anyone. They are travel friendly and can be carried on the go. The ingredients list and basic instructions are mentioned on the back of the tube itself which is a good thing.

Review from a male perspective as tested by my brother:
1. Himalaya Herbals Men Intense Oil Clear Face Wash
Price: Rs. 140/- for 100 ml
Available at any drugstore or online here

It is fortified with :
  • Lemon extract: Natural Astringent properties
  • Indian Willow: Natural anti microbial agent
  • Menthol: Natural Coolant

What does the face wash claim to do:
  • Effectively remove excess oil
  • Actively clears deep seated impurities
  • Refreshes skin without over drying

 The face wash is light yellow in color and is of a gel like consistency. It is not too thick nor thin. A small amount is enough for the whole face. The smell is something one would typically notice before one starts using the product. It has a masculine fragrance and less lemony than what it claims but that is ok as long as it smells good in my opinion. It is herbal and natural and I did not find any preservatives or parabens in the ingredient which is a Yayy!! It cleanses the face of oil completely but not leaving it dry or stretchy which is good. This is definitely apt for oily skin men like my brother. It is a must try for all oily skin men not only because of all the good things I mentioned but it is free of chemicals and inexpensive too. Also it does what it claims.

Rating: 4.7/5

2. Himalaya Herbals Men Power Glow Licorice Face Wash 
Price: Rs. 140/- for 100 ml
Available at any drugstore or online here

It is fortified with:
  • Licorice Extract: Natural skin lightening & antioxidant agent
  • Wood Apple: Natural Exfoliating agent
  • Menthol: Natural coolant

What does the face wash claim to do:
  • Reduces pigmentation & brightens the skin
  • Exfoliates and eliminates dead skin cells
  • Refreshes and enhances complexion

The face wash is bright orange in color and contains fine beads which is Wood Apple which acts as a mild exfoliant each time you use it. It has a gel like consistency and lathers even more than the previous one. This one had a milder fragrance  but still very refreshing. The common problem today is dull skin, which is majorly because of so much of pollution. Licorice as all beauty enthusiasts would know is a natural skin lightener hence over repeated uses one can see a difference for sure.There is nothing like fairness to it but yes with regular use one can see some skin lightening . If you are someone who is constantly travelling or travel on a bike this one is apt for them as it will help in reducing tan and keep the skin clean & clear. The best part about this face wash is that it can be used by all skin types which makes life easy as the common man is yet to understand what face wash suits their skin type. A must try for man.

Rating: 4.7/5

The Good:
Easily available
Natural Ingredients
Trusted brand 
Paraben free
Soap free
No preservatives
Travel friendly packaging

The not so Good:
Nothing really

Himalaya Herbals Men Intense Oil Clear  Lemon &  Power Glow Licorice Face Wash are 2 excellent options that Himalaya Herbals has to offer for men in the market. Himalaya products are available everywhere and hence is quite reachable to the normal consumer. My brother has enjoyed using the face wash and still continues to do so. Highly recommended !!

I hope this review was useful as informative to everyone reading. Leave a comment below with your inputs I love reading them.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo

P.S: PR Sample ** The product has been tested by my brother and the review is honest & to the point


  1. Sounds like it does what its meant to do. Great review.

  2. Every men should try this product and add it to their regimen great review doll. Have a great weekend.

  3. Natasha, I am sorry to hear it so hot there still... I thought you might be coming into a cooler time soon. We rarely get high temperatures like that but I do find that with my speed walking I become extremely hot and I have to wash my hair daily or it just becomes a flat mess.

    Great review for men xox

  4. Both of these sound amazing! I agree, not as much attention is given to mens products, so happy that you did this review!

    Keisha xo

  5. I must try to get this for my half-half. Don't know if available but he does need it.

  6. Hey, a man post! Something I can more easily pretend to understand and speak capably on...maybe :) While I probably need the first product more, that licorice sounds like it would smell amazing. So if I had to pick I would rather have a wonderful aroma than the more helpful product. Oooh, semi-capably at best!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  7. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing!


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