Rishi Ratna Remedies Peel Off Mask Review

Hi everyone,
I hope you all are doing well. Today I shall be talking about a new brand I came across while researching online. If you know me I have talked about innumerable brands especially those which are natural, organic and cruelty free too. As a beauty & skin care blogger I do get a variety of products to try. But there is something I have never tried - Peel Off Masks. Yes you heard that right. We do have some brands who make these type of masks but I never came around using them and Ohh boy I was lucky enough to try some peel off masks by RishiRatna Remedies. If you wish to know more about this brand and its products keep on reading....

The brand in total has 10 masks & they are as follows:
1. Sandal Turmeric Natural Glow Mask - Price - Rs.110/-
2. Rose Peel Off Mask - Rs.95/-
3. Bridal Pearl Peel Off Mask - Rs.120/-
4. Stay Away Oil Control Peel Off Mask - Rs.  80/-
5. Orange Peel off Mask - Rs. 80/-
6. Neem Tulsi Green Gold Face Mask - Rs.80/-
7. Lavender Peel Off Mask - Rs. 85/-
8. Wrink Anti Wrinkle Peel Off  Mask - Rs. 90/-
9. Black Vanilla Deep Cleansing Peel Off Mask - Rs. 100/-
10. Strawberry Peel Off Mask - Rs. 85/-

You can buy any of these masks here

The brand's head office is based in Pune, Maharashtra. There is only one product they make so far and that is the peel off mask. I have mentioned all the names above.

All of the face mask contain product worth 20g. From what I understood that it was a one time use product but no it can be used 3 to 4 times. A sachet comes in the box and all the instructions mentioned on it. It can be used by men and women also which is a plus point as most products are women centric and many a times I do get queries from male followers whether one can use it  or not.

I tried the Stay Away Oil Control Peel off Mask. I added water to the powder and it formed into a nice thick paste. Its like making a cake or pancake butter. It should not be too runny as well or it will not stick on the face. I applied a generous coat on my face and neck leaving the area around the eyes. The mask smells nice and pleasent. The application can get messy and is best advised to do it in front of your wash basin or in the bathroom. I allowed it to completely dry and taking it off was a piece of cake. It did peel off easily and there was no tugging or pulling which I like.

Post use my skin felt instantly softer and brighter.The oil was gone but I never felt any dryness as well. It was hydrating. The pores will also tighten. Face masks like these are best for oily skin and for skin tightening and pore reduction. As I mentioned I never tried a peel off mask before but was pleased with this one. It can get a bit messy but anything for good skin. Also no pain no gain. There are 10 variants and there is surely one for you. Do get it and try it - it is really nice. My pictures above are proof for the same ☺

The Good:
Easily available online.
Smells nice & pleasent
Come in 10 different variants
Easy to use
Tightens the skin
All natural ingredients
Makes skin softer & brighter
Can be used by men & women too

The not so Good:
Can get a bit messy
Only available online

Rating: 4.5/5

RishiRatna Remedies Peel Off Masks are really good. They have so much of options to choose from and I am sure there will be something for you as well. I tried the Oil control mask and as they claim the effect on the skin is immediate which is true. Of course you need to use it regularly like any other part of your skin care regime to keep your skin problem free, soft & supple. I highly recommend this brand to everyone. Follow them on Facebook for more updates & discounts.

I hope this review was useful as well as informative to all those reading. Leave a comment below with your inputs. Leave your links if you are visiting here for the first time. I am very active on Instagram you may follow me there for more updates about my products reviews & my daily life.

Until next time... Take care xoxo

P.S: The product was sent by the brand for consideration & my views are honest & based on my experience with the product


  1. Seems such a good product, thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tutorial I never done a orange mask on my face and love the name of the one you try Stay Away is so cool but true will want to get my hands on these mask.

  3. This looks like a very cool review and you are totally gorgeous! :)

  4. I love peel off masks, they always make my skin feel so soft and smooth... since my skin is so dry I need lots of hydration xox ♡

  5. Very nice. I love such mask. You are right about the messiness. But that's okay for the outcome.

  6. I think peel off face masks are so much fun. I haven't found one that doesn't irritate my dry skin though.

  7. This is so nice dear!

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  8. nice post :)


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  10. Wonderful review. I would love to try that black vanilla one.

  11. Wow! The results are impressive Nats! :) New brand for me though.

  12. They sounds so good, i would love to use that deep cleansing mask. Nice review dear :)

  13. It certainly sounds wonderful! I have also heard that prolonged use of peel of masks help you lighten dark spots so do let me know if you experience anything as such :)

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  14. Wow they really have good varieties of face masks. I will check their website!!!

  15. Sounds like a very nice face mask. There is a good brightening effect between the before and after.

  16. nice review! thanks for it :) :)


  17. Wow. Helpful.

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