Navarasas Stress Relief Body Wash Review

Hi everyone,
Hope you all enjoyed the weekend. If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I was quite unwell since last Friday with fever, headache, cough & cold due to change in weather out here. I am much better now and hence this review post. Sometimes falling sick is also a good excuse to unwind and relax which one would not do otherwise. For me handling stress is a major concern right now. My eating patterns have been poor honestly and this is one reason for my weight gain as well. I hope to get back on track soon. Anyway today I shall be talking about a brand  I know but I have never tried before called Navarasas. They make some amazing products which are 100% natural and cruelty free. Let us find out more about this product called Navarasas Stress Relief Body Wash in my review today. Read on to know more............

Key Ingredients:
Grapefruit, Spearmint,Eucalyptus Body Wash & Foam Bath

Price: Rs. 399/- for 200 ml. Available online from

What does the brand say:
The luxurious gifts of nature packaged into your shower gel. This combination has been brewed to relieve stress and leave your body feeling fresh.

Their product line is broadly categorized into:
  • Essential Oils and Blends
  • Pet products
  • Bath & Body
  • Personalized Blends
  • Services like - Accupressure & Reflexology, Yoga & Therapeutic Essential Oil blend Massage for Dogs

The body wash comes in a plastic bottle which has a transparent body and has their signature green color sticker which contains the basic information about the product.

The body wash as suggested by the brand can be used in a bath tub as well to soak yourself other than using as a regular body wash.  It is a gel like consistency and is a little light brown in color. This body wash is based on the concept of aromatherapy. If you notice the ingredients say it all. Spearmint and Eucalyptus are quite strongly scented and in fact after taking a deep breath while you shower you actually feel good. The body wash lathers well and comes off easily too. A hot shower with this body wash is all what you would want to beat the stress blues. After a tiring day at work this is the best therapy one would want. There is nothing much I can pin point a must try for everyone in this busy and stressful life.

The Good:
Easily available online
Smells nice
Soothing and calming to the senses
Stress relieving properties
Lathers well
Comes off easily
100% natural ingredients
Cruelty free

The not so Good:
Smell may be a bit strong for some

Rating: 4.5/5

Navarasas Stress Relief Body Wash  is a 100% natural body wash which works on the concept of aromatherapy. The presence of spearmint & eucalyptus relieves stress and makes you feel fresh and stress free as they say. A must try for everyone.

I hope this review was helpful and informative to all those reading. Leave a comment below with your inputs. New bloggers may leave their links for me to check out.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo

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  1. I like everything about this but I'm not sure I could handle the smell. I'm glad it helped you to feel better... sometimes our body forces us to rest ♡

  2. Interesting shampoo the bottle is perfect to travel with.

  3. First thing first. Take care for health is wealth. I'm also not feeling all that good but still okay. Good to hear you have recovered with rest and relax. I'm sure the wash must have relieved and made you feel better. I also like the brand for I see Nava there.

  4. Resenha maravilhosa amei o produto

  5. I love natural products but I am not sure whether I will like the fragrance!! But sounds really good :)


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