FAB BAG August 2015 - Cast A Spell Review

Hi everyone,
I am very early this month in posting this article as I received the FAB BAG just yesterday. Ohh yes on the 5th of August. In the past they have had problems shipping in time about which they had updated that they will improve and they really have kept their word. I  just hope it gets better by the day. Anyhoo every month the bags are getting more interesting with me coming across new brands every month. I liked the pink pouch it is one of the best I have received even better than the Red carpet one I would say. Read on to know more......

FAB BAG is a subscription service which can be opted for a single month, 3 months, half year or for the entire year. The longer the duration of your subscription the more discount you get☺I also like the fact that they keep in mind your likes and dislikes while sending you the product for which you need to answer a set of questions for them to send you the products.

Their prices of the subscription services are as follows:
Monthly - Rs. 599/-
3 months -  Rs. 499/- a month
6 months - Rs. 449/- per month
The Whole year -  Rs. 399/- per month.

Price of this bag is Rs.599/- You can buy it here

All the products came in a pink glittery  pouch which has beautiful detailing on it. All the products along with a card mentioning the products sent were neatly placed inside the pouch which was sent in a cardboard box like they do every month. An email is usually sent with tracking number and the bag arrives 2 to 3 days later usually.

Let us see what products I did get this time:
1. Fran Wilson Moodnatcher Lipstick - Green ( Full size- 590/- )
This brand is not new to me. I have heard of them before. This lipstick looks green but do not be afraid. It reacts to your body chemistry to transform into a picture perfect hue. I tried the lipstick and OMG I am in love with it. It first went on light pink and during the course of the day turned into a bright fuschia pink and guess what it lasted all day. Truely a perfect lipstick to try and I am excited that I got it in the FAB BAG.

2. Roots Professional Morocvita Oil ( Rs.2000/- for 120 ml)
I received a small sample size of 5ml in the bag. I am excited to try this and see how it works for my frizzy hair. Usually Moroccan Oil is very expensive as far as I know. If this is good the product may be worth a buy.

3. Ital Veloce Body Mist - Shooting Stars (Rs. 499/- for 210ml)
I am very picky about perfumes and body mists. The Chambor one I received in some bag I did not like. But this is floral and feminine and lasts for a decent amount of time. This is a sample size.

4. Divo Eyelash curler - Full size: Rs. 125/-
I wanted a branded eye lash curler here it is. DIVO is available here in  Mumbai and I wanted to try their brushes. Since I do not have any good quality branded eye lash curler I am happy to get this. I will try it and let you all know if it is good or not. Stay tuned to my blog for the same.

5. Bioderma Photoderm Mat SPF 30 - Rs. 1330/- for 40ml
This is again a sample. Well honestly I am not very keen about this product. I wish they sent something else because I had received a teeny tiny Clarins one and I am yet to use it.

My overall thoughts:
I am pleased with the pouch. The lipstick is a yes for me and it almost covers the cost of the bag. The eye lash curler, mist and the small samples may go over 1k in my opinion. The products are nice no doubt but I feel it could have been better. One should definitely for this bag in my opinion for the lipstick, curler and the lovely pouch.

I hope this post was informative and helpful to all of you. Do leave your precious comments below I love reading them and also if you have tried any of the items mentioned in the post do let me know.

Until next time... Have a FAB DAY!

P.S: Sent by the brand


  1. Natasha... I didn't realize the green lipstick was around... I used to wear it all the time. It helped me to wear bold colors. It looks great on you ♡ xox

  2. i think i just saw this on your instagram and had to check it out.

  3. oh my god i am waiting for mine. The bag is super girlie!

  4. The lipstick looks really interesting.

  5. I will not mind trying any of those product love the little pink pouch.

  6. Loved the purple pouch. Products are nice except the bioderma one.

  7. Interesting beauty products.We keep in touch. xx

  8. That is a lovely bag...My subscription has ended..but now I think I should subscribe this...The bag is also my favourite colour....Awesome...:)

  9. Aiyo!! The green lipstick I also want. Tried to submit for the local fab bag but seem like such a big demand that they don't want to entertain me.

  10. You got it so early dear, i am still waiting for my august fab bah. I hope i get that green lipstick too. It looks gorgeous :)

  11. i too loved this month's fab bag. Please do check my review on my blog too. :* https://thesparkleunicorn3.blogspot.com

  12. the lippie looks unique, the bag has interesting products!

  13. I didn't find any product that much interesting except that green lipstick though the bag itself is really stunning!! ;)

  14. I'm waiting for mine...good to see bioderma sample in your bag :)


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