Lissome Sun & Shine Control Complexion Care Powder in no.2 Review

Hey everyone,
Hope the weekend is coming along well for you. Today I shall tell you about a product I purchased a while ago on my trip to Beauty Shop here in Mumbai. Way before I was a blogger I was always curious about affordable & budget friendly products. I still am the same although now I am more particular about what I buy. Today I am going to tell you about the most unique and cutely packaged loose powder from Lissome Cosmetics called  Lissome Sun & Shine Control Complexion Care Powder in no.2... Read on to know more......

Ingredients: Not mentioned.

Price: Rs.25/- for 9g Available across Lissome counters in India 

What does the brand say:

The powder comes in a cute and small plastic bottle . It has a flip cap and one would need to pierce a hole on the top so that the powder comes off. Due to its small nature it can fit any make up pouches and is definitely a travel friendly size.

The shade selection is limited to just 2 colors. No.1 is more yellow toned. No.2 has pink undertones to it. The powder smells like those compacts which our mom's would use in our childhood days. It smells good basically. The powder is finely milled and smooth. I used it on top of my Olay cream it did a good job of mattifying that is it. There is no coverage at all. I mean do not expect it for 25 bucks. They say you can apply it using your hands on the face. Remember how we applied Pond's powder on our faces. But the beauty blogger in me said use a brush girl :D

I am wearing the powder in the pic here!

It can be used over any foundation or alone on its own. Its basic job is to make the skin look fresh and matte.It claims to give sun protection but nothing about the SPF.. Hmm strange. Also the shade selection is limited so I am not sure it will work for all skin tones. Well for the price it is worth a try for the curious minded people of course and you will not loose anything.

The Good:
Cute and simple packaging.
Flip cap
Does not spill over
Travel friendly
Mattifies the skin
Smells nice
Powder is smooth ant not chalky

The not so Good:
Ingredients list missing
There should be more shades to suit all skin types.

Rating: 3.2/5

Lissome Sun & Shine Control Complexion Care Powder in no.2 is a pinkie toned loose powder which mattifies the skin and keeps it shine free. It can be used over any foundation. For 25 bucks it is worth a buy and try inspite of the cons.

I hope this review was informative and helpful to all those reading. Kindly leave a comment below with your inputs and if you may have tried this product. New visitors kindly leave your blog links for me to check out.

Until next time.... Happy  Monday xoxo

P.S: The product has been purchased with my own money. Honest opinion as always.The screenshot has been taken from the brand's website!!


  1. Sounds like a promising product. Greetings!

  2. Great review, seems like a fair product.

  3. I like that is powder consistent and it reminds me of banana brand bake powder but with a better color nice presentation and review.

  4. Nice natural tone but I still prefer SPF. You know how it is over with the hot weather.

  5. This is so inexpensive & seems to do a great job for what it's priced as! Lovely review Babe :)

  6. This looks great to mattify the oily skin.

  7. So awesome! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  8. Resenha maravilhosa amei o produto, tenha uma semana abençoada.

  9. This is so inexpensive :) Nice review Nats.

  10. hm, i think i would skip this one based on your review, esp since there are no ingredients listed!

  11. Honestly does not look that great,,


    1. haha for the price can't expect anything much honestly


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