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Hello everyone,
I had been to the HGH 2015 Expo here in Mumbai on the 15/7/15 in order to witness home decor and furnishing items which were on display. I was specifically interested in checking out Deco Window as I have heard a lot about them through online forums. Gone are the days when people would go the market and buy curtains and other home decor items. I remember it was such a pain when we shifted to our new house we had to hunt for custom made fittings, curtains and brackets for shelves. But that is a thing of the past with the emergence of e commerce. Everything is available at the click of your mouse. Let me tell you more about this brand in my post today.

About the brand:
Deco window  ( ) is from the house of one of the largest exporters in India – Jayanita Exports and this is the reason why all the offerings are great in quality with some good value for money. You can choose from a great range of curtain rods online , buy curtains online and even buy cushions online from their site. They even have a made-to-order solution for the curtains to suit the ranging sizes of your windows and doors.

In collaboration with 11 retail chains and more than 100 stores spread all over the country, Deco Window offers wide-ranging window solutions for each and every Indian home. The range includes classic to modern profiles. Each piece is engineered for durability, functionality & aesthetics and together with Add on Rods, Special Brackets & Rings give you endless possibilities to indulge any design impulse.

Our commitment to provide ‘Complete Window Solutions’ lies in our expertise to decorate your window in an affordable and user-friendly manner yet meeting the highest quality, which is our priority. Through our window treatments we provide satisfaction to our customers—a satisfaction, which we believe is our path to excellence. 

The company is largely divided into 2 parts:
  • Deco Window
  • Deco Home

It comprises of the following items:
  • Curtain Rods: They are available in a wide variety of rods which are available in a wide variety of styles starting from Rs.999/-
  • Curtains: They have readymade curtains in different patterns and designs. You can also order them online.
  • Blinds : Blinds  are screen for windows. The ones they have are suitable for homes and is affordable too. Plus they have good discounts as well.
  • Tiebacks : Remember what we did in our houses is use a bow, rubber band or a cute monkey to tie our curtains but we have an amazing and affordable option here just for Rs. 199/- They have good variety as well.

  • Cushions:  They have filled cushions and cushion covers as well.
  • Bedding: They have fabulous and luxurious bedding sets which usually includes 2 Shams,2 Filled Cushion ,1 Quilt
  • Trimmings:  They have a wide variety of Trimmings and they are quite affordable too. They can be used to jazz up any cushion and curtains.
  • Motorized Rods : They come with a remote to facilitate the opening and shuting of curtains

This section includes the following:
Door Seals :  Door seals can help to protect the door from drafts and rough weather conditions. The door bottom seal is multifunctional as it protects against fire, smoke, sound leakage and heat loss. It provides an airtight seal, and thus reduces infiltration of light, air, dust and rain.

Garden Torches: Garden torches can be used at in the garden or in the porch to add sophistication to your outdoors. Garden lights, outdoor light fixtures and garden lamps are commonly found to brighten up the place but don't have a relaxing, romantic effect like the garden torches. These garden torches can be dismantled and are easy to use as they are light weight and weather proof. They are powder coated which protects it from dampness.

Garden accessories are a must to beautify your garden. These garden torches come in a set of four. The garden torch oil Citronella is non combustible. Citronella oil used in the torches repels mosquitoes. The garden torches oil can be bought from the website itself at affordable price. We do not compromise on the quality of the product and that is a guarantee. Do not use any other oil as that can create a hazard. The long wick keeps the length of the flame to the desired level.

Runners: A runner is an accessory for the table. It instantly perks up the dining area with little effort. A table runner can add volume to the space if layered with table mats and other table accessories.

Wall Shelving: Wood shelving and brackets are a good option not only for your home but also for your office. It helps to keep at bay clutter and you can display your favorite souvenirs. Offices can also make use of these wooded wall shelves to keep files and other important curios

Cushions:These designer cushion covers can be displayed on a couch, sofa, or even on a bed to add a splash vitality to the interiors. Offices and places of work can play around with the color scheme and make the interiors look elaborate.

Bedding: A good night’s sleep is want we look forward to after a tired day. Have a bedding that can create the comfort and luxury you desire. Bedding set with matching bed sheets and pillow covers are a treat to the eyes and create an elegant atmosphere

Customised Section

As we all know CUSTOMIZATION is the next best thing. It is always good to get customized home furnishing, mattress, beds, cushions and curtains. Deco Window does offer a wonderful customized and Tailor made Custom Curtain collection option with 100+ fabrics, 70+ Hardware options, 40+  Trim options, 30+ Custom Styles. You need to choose your fabric and style options. Your windows are then mesaured by their team. The measurement is double checked and a quote is sent to the customer. Once finalised the curtain is shipped in 2 weeks. How cool is that?? They also have FREE SHIPPING !! even better right?

Overall I would say Deco Window and Deco Home is a one stop solution for all your window and home needs. It was a first time experience for me to know so much about this topic as usually I am more into make up, beauty and skin care. I highly recommend everyone to check out their products and services as this is a 100% Indian based brand.

I hope this post was informative and useful to all those reading. Leave a comment below with your inputs. New bloggers/visitors may leave their blog links for me to check out.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo

P.S: Some pictures were taken by me and rest taken by the brand itself


  1. Great place to go and check all that amazing decor I need to start buying some items for my home this winter.

  2. It was the same story with me too. Moving into a new house and hunting for the deco for windows. Indeed such a thing surely provides everything for convenience. Lovely styles.

  3. Interesting post Natasha. I enjoyed it.

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