Shudhvi Naturals Pure Sesame Oil Soap Review

Hello everyone,
Hope you had a fantastic weekend.I have reviewed so many soaps on my blog and today is one more addition to the family. If you follow my blog regularly you would have heard of this brand Shudhvi Naturals of whom I have reviewed a couple of products in the past. You may check them out here  Today I shall be reviewing the Shudhvi Naturals Pure Sesame Oil Soap in my review today. Read on to know more....

Price: Rs. 197/- for 100g. Available on

Key Ingredients:
● Sesame Oil
● Wheat Grass
● Ginger Oil
● Ginger Extract

The soap comes in a cardboard green box with the brand name and basic information mentioned on the packaging itself. The soap is wrapped in butter paper so that it does not get bruised. The brand name is imprinted on the soap but strangely it was not there on mine. It is travel friendly and also also worth gifting someone.

The soap is cream yellow in color and square shaped. The soap smells very earthy due to the presence of wheat grass and sesame oil. It is not your typical fragrant soap which is available in the market. The soap lathers well and does not leave any residue on the body. It made my skin soft and supple post bath. It is meant for all skin types and can be used by anyone as it is 100% herbal and natural and devoid of chemicals.  The soap will easily last for 15 days or more if used once in a day for bath.It does a good job of cleansing the skin  and since it is natural and organic it is a must try for all.

The Good:
Paraben free
100 % natural
Contains goodness of sesame oil,wheat grass & ginger
Cleanses the skin well
Does not dry the skin.
Lathers well
Meant for all skin types
Makes skin soft & supple
Ideal for gifting
Travel friendly

The not so Good:
Availability - only online!

Rating: 4.5/5

Shudhvi Naturals Pure Sesame Oil Soap is a 100% natural and organic handmade soap which lathers well, cleanses the body well and does not dry the skin. With all natural ingredients this soap is a must try for all.

I hope this review was informative and helpful to all those reading. Kindly leave a comment below with your inputs. New bloggers/visitors do leave your blog links for me to check out.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo


  1. Wah!! So nice. With the sesame seeds, I am simply loving this soap.

  2. You do the best soap review I always want to try base on your opinion which is very convincing.

  3. i love natural soaps. nice review Nats :)

  4. I love natural soaps. Will grab it next :) Seems great to keep skin soft and hydrated!

  5. Sounds great, why these amazing things are not available offline :(

  6. I love handmade soaps and this one sounds wonderful.

  7. I like sesame oil for the body.. it moisturizes the skin a lot..

  8. I like to read that it makes your skin feel so good... nice product review Natasha xox ♡


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