Shudhvi Naturals Coffee Cinnamon Cream Handmade Soap Review

Hi everyone,
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I have reviewed so many soaps in the last 6 months that I have lost count. I have spoken about this brand Shudhvi Naturals in my previous posts on my blog. They do make 100% natural and organic products like hair oil, face cleanser powder, face beauty oil and also handmade soaps of whom I have reviewed the Barley soap too. Today I shall be reviewing the Shudhvi Naturals Coffee Cinnamon Cream Handmade Soap in my post. Read on to know more...

Price:  Rs. 197/-  for 100g Available here

● Ground Coffee Beans
● Cinnamon Oil
● Cream
● Olive Oil
● Almond Oil
● Coconut Oil

About the soap by the brand:
Coffee and Cinnamon which have natural detoxing and stimulating effects are known to improve blood circulation plumping the skin cells naturally and giving it a healthy glow. Cinnamon also acts as an astringent, tightening the skin and nourishing it. The freshly ground coffee beans act as a gentle exfoliant and fights against premature aging. Cream along with the pure oils used - Olive oil, Almond oil and Coconut oil leave the skin soft, radiant and glowing and super silky with every wash.

The soap comes in a unique cardboard packaging sealed with a tape. The soap was simply placed in it. All basic information & instructions are printed on the packaging itself. Overall simple & neat packaging.

The soap is a huge square shaped bar which claims to be handcut by the brand. It is coffee brown in color and ground coffee beans are visible to the naked eye. First thing first the soap is a exfoliating/scrub  soap in my opinion,it is not like your normal soap. While using the soap you can feel the scrubbing happening on the body. As we all know coffee is used to brighten the skin and also the beans act as a scrub hence it perfectly helps all dead skin scrubbed away. Honestly I wish the scrub effect was little lesser and I also feel this soap would be best used one to two times a week to exfoliate the skin. The soap lathers well also there is a brightening and de tanning effect on the body. Ingredients like coffee and cinnamon make it an amazing scrub soap. I could not smell the coffee or the cinnamon much but apart from that this soap does a good job of exfoliating and perfect for all skin types in summers.

The Good:
Easily available online
Contains coffee beans and cinnamon oil
Exfoliates the skin well
Brightens the skin
Get rids of dead skin
Lathers well & creamy
Cleanses the skin well
100% natural
Cruelty free.

The not so Good:
Could not smell the cinnamon & coffee ( I like my soaps to smell good ;) )
Not easily available offline

Rating: 4.2/5

Shudhvi Naturals Coffee Cinnamon Cream Handmade Soap is a 100% natural and handmade soap which helps in exfoliating and brightens dull and tanned skin. If used everyday can guarantee you smooth and supple skin free of dead skin cells.

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Until next time.. Take care  xoxo

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  1. Great Blog ♥

  2. I tried aster coffee soap and it smelled so yummy..! I wish this too had smelled like coffee..

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  4. The soap looks lovely!

  5. Que postagem maravilhosa amei.

  6. The smell is also important me.Just for the heavenly feeling. Sure the ingredients are nice but never tried coffee soap before.

  7. This soap sounds pretty aweosme Nats! Would love to give it a try...beautifully reviewed :)

  8. love the idea of this with the cinnamon and coffee :)

  9. Wow Natasha! This soap looks so rustic I love how it looks! Wonderful review. I really enjoy your soap reviews.

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  11. You are tempting me Natasha! Beautifully reviewed and great pictures :D

  12. seems good. love reading your soap reviews :)

  13. The soap looks beautiful, really want to try it out :)

  14. Hi beautiful Nats, I'd like to try this soap. It sounds great. Kisses.
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  15. Aww.. it should have smelt of cinnamon and coffee. Fragrance is one of the important traits for me to add them to my stash :)

  16. the soap seems so yummy...i am sure that the fragrance would be yummy too :-)

  17. Too bad the scent wasn't as noticeable as one might think. Just from the ingredient list alone, I'd want to smell the various oils used. Great review. T.

  18. Natural products always allure me. Lovely review dear!

  19. Cinnamom & coffee??? This soap looks Lovely!!!!!
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