Necklaces: A guide on How to decide the right length

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I hope you all are having  a fantastic day. The heat here in Mumbai has made life slow for all of us.Nevertheless what can one do? So what do you all do to keep cool? I would love to know. I have done many reviews and posts in the last 2 years but only recently started posting about jewellery. I admit it I love elite jewellery just like another woman in this world. My current obsession is collecting necklaces as many as I can. So how do you decide the right length for yourself I will try to share some details I would know.

The necklace length chart

The market has always been flooded with necklaces in all shapes, sizes and variants. In India we have all kinds of necklaces which may be broadly classified into traditional, fashion and streetwear. I generally do prefer traditional for family functions like a family get together or for some religious ceremonies. For going out for a casual meeting with friends or a trip to the mall or clubbing fashion necklaces go well with any outfit like your little black dress or other party wear.

Choker necklace

22 inch necklace

So how does one decide the length one should go for? Well I never knew there may be a theory to it because I never bothered but now that I do makes me a little more aware the next time I go shopping. The average size of any Necklace would vary between 14 inches to 36 inches

  • 14 inches fits like a Choker as it is the smallest size
  • 16 inches is just a bit longer than the previous one and rests on the neck. A necklace of that size is usually visible when worn with any clothing even if it has a collar
  • 18 inches a bit more longer goes below the throat and is a favourite among women of all age groups. It can be sported more with traditional outfits
  • 20 inches is a bit longer and ideal to be worn by those whose dress has a deep neck. Women who wear sarees also wear necklaces as long as these.
  • 22  falls above the neckline and 24 falls below the neckline
  • 30 to 36 inches usually end at the chest or below it. It can either be a long beaded necklace which can be worn as it is or layered double for extra attention

The length of the necklace is totally dependent on the outfit in my opinion. If I am wearing something which is for example a collar shirt (formals) the jewellery will be simple and minimalistic and be between 14 to 16 inches with a tiny pendant. If I am wearing a traditional salwar kameez which has a decent neckline  I would go for something between 18 to 20 inches. If the neck is deep I would prefer a long necklace which is a layered one which can be doubled up.

Long necklace 

It is always necessary to choose the right necklace in my opinion now a days. Everyone are very conscious about their looks and would want to look perfect.  Now that you know after  reading my post, you would know how important it is to decide the right length for the outfit you wear.

I hope my review was helpful and informative to you. Please leave a link below with your inputs I would love to hear from all of you.

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  1. This was a really helpful post. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. that's quit an informative post. thanks for sharing Nats:)

  4. Depends on what I wear, I pair with the type of necklaces. Usually I tend to like chokers. The one I see here is nice.

  5. Stunning statement accessories. Have a great Easter

  6. Your guide is so helpful Natasha! I admit I never knew about it. Thanks :)

  7. Very helpful post..I always get confused on this..thanks :)

  8. Very helpful necklace guide, especially when you are shopping online this guide will really be helpful :)


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