Why I #ChooseToStart my smartphone journey with the all new Moto E

I am a smartphone addict and why not everyone is right? Our life is connected to the world through one gadget which is our smartphone. I cannot live without my phone (honest confession). I check my updates even when having my Food and sometimes while brushing my teeth in the morning too.. Lol  While we may not be that smart our phones should definitely be right.. Lol.. I do have a phone which does the most basic things but you know as times change you need to upgrade yourself to a better and efficient smartphone and what better than the all new Moto E !!!!

I  would definitely  #ChooseToStart  my smartphone journey with the new Moto E! smart phone because I definitely need it in my life. When I went through the specifications of the phone and the features it was pretty impressive honestly. The white phone  caught my attention first thing first. I have a thing for white color you see ;) Although I like black ones too as they are easy to maintain and get less dirty.

I am a beauty blogger and I blog full time from home . My  job is to be on every possible social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and so on. Since I do have a computer and lot a laptop browsing from my phone becomes a real task if I am not sitting in front of my computer. Hmm so problematic right but I do manage somehow.

I have used many phones over the years but they all would not categorize into the definition of smart phone. OK so what do I look for in my smart phone???

  • Camera Camera and Camera. I click so  many pictures oh my god! So whether it is product snaps or even my photographs and how to forget the #selfie. Since I do not have a front camera I cannot use Skype and also click selfies with ease. Hence the Moto E proves like it is made for me ;)
  • Accessing mails and other social media websites at ease. Although my phone does this but I am unable to login to other mail id's strangely except for Gmail. This would make life easy for me isn't  it?
  • A wide screen is what I would prefer for as a smartphone which I know is one of the features of the all new Moto E. It has a 4.5 inch HD screen vow!! sounds perfect to me ☺
  • 24 hr battery life is what I would get with the all new Moto E we all would want that right??
  • Lastly the price is so perfect I do not know any other smartphone which would be so less priced and have so many features. I never believe in spending much on phones and this phone surely fits my bill.

With all these problems at hand I know the All new Moto E would be the best smartphone for me and would make my life so easy and stress free. If I get an opportunity to try it, it would be nothing like it. This would be my first smartphone and would surely be a memorable one if I get my hands on it.Hence I would definitely  #ChooseToStart my  smartphone journey with the all new Moto E.

Thank you  everyone for stopping by. Let me know in the comments section if you have tried this phone??

P.S: This post is an entry for the Indiblogger contest #ChooseToStart your smartphone journey with the all new Moto E


  1. Even I'm eyeing on this phone. Fits my budget and I'll get all the features I need in my phone.

  2. I'm a Samsung Galaxy girl... I would like the 5 and a bigger screen since I do a ton on my phone going back and forth to work on my really long trip ...

    This phone sounds great though xox

  3. Looks like a cool phone. I am a loyal apple addict though.

  4. Quite an interesting phone. For the time being I am happy with Iphone.

  5. Wow..I never knew about this phone, Nats, until I saw your post!! Definitely looks like a phone I might also be interested in! :) I will definitely be checking this phone out :) And I'm pretty sure I will love it!! :) <3


  6. This is a cool smartphone detail post .

  7. A smartphone is a must have for me too. Lovely write up dear :)


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