Shudhvi Naturals Splendour Hair Care Oil Review

Hello lovelies,
Believe it or not - Oiling the hair is a routine one must follow for long healthy and lustrous hair. Now oiling the hair is generally dependent on the hair scalp. If it is oily it is best to oil the hair once a week and if dry 2 to 3 times depending on the scalp condition. Weather also plays an important role in the health of the hair as change of weather affects the hair most especially in case of women. Talk about hair fall and hair problems I can write a book on it. I have been trying the Shudhvi Naturals Splendour Hair Oil which promises and claims many things. Let us see what they are and how did this one fare for me.. Read on to know more.....

Price: Rs. 315/- for 100 ml. Available here

Ingredients :
Extracts from Natural herbs, Flowers and Natural Oils

What does the brand say about their product:
... come back to pure !
100% Pure & Natural Handmade Hair Care oil
A nutrition boost for your hair

Rich and luxurious hair care oil containing over 25 herbs, flowers and natural ingredients known for contributing to a lustrous, thick, shiny, soft and healthy hair, along with an improved complexion and skin tone right from the first use.
It effectively promotes hair growth, keeps the scalp fresh, free of dandruff, infections and reduces hair fall significantly.
No artificial colours, fragrance, parabens, preservatives or additives.

The hair oil comes in a cardboard box packaging with all the instructions written on it. The bottle itself looks very basic - a white opaque labelled with a sticker of the brand. It can be  easily carried while travelling. Simple packaging is all I say.

The color of the hair oil is yellow almost like mustard oil but still light in color. First thing I noticed that the hair oil smelled lovely and sweet. In fact I find the smell very therapeutic and a mood changer. It is light weight and non sticky and comes of easily from the hair.It is best advised to use and keep it overnight for better results. Depending on the quantity used you may have to shampoo more than once which is ok. Post wash the hair does feel softer. Also it says that it prevents the occurence of dandruff and does not stop it so keep that in mind. My hair fall has reduced drastically but the reason is plainly because of a medical problem I have. I think this hair oil is really nice and would do all good things for the hair as it is 100% natural and chemical free. The only thing I feel is that they should have mentioned the ingredients. With regular use I found an improvement in the overall health of my hair.

The Good:
Availble online
Smells sweet and lovely
Therapeutic and mood changer
Regular use improves health of the hair.
Controlls occurence of dandruff
Helps in hair growth
100% natural and chemical free
Cruelty free
Travel friendly packaging

The not so Good:
Ingredients list missing
Not available in retail stores

Rating: 4.2/5

Shudhvi Naturals Splendour Hair Care Oil is a 100% natural and chemical free concoction which will work wonders for your hair with regular use. If your hair fall is due to a medical/hormonal problem you need to check with your doctors for that because in that case any hair oil won't work for you. I recommend this herbal hair oil to everyone.

I hope you found this post helpful  & informative. Please leave a comment below with your inputs. As much as I want to visit everyone's blog it is getting so difficult due to lack of time it is not possible but I will try my best. New bloggers/visitors may leave their blog links for me to check out.

Until next time...  Take care xoxo

P.S: The product was sent to me by the brand for consideration but that does not affect my honest opinion of the product.


  1. wow....This looks like a lovely oil...I need to shift from Coocnut oil & give these things a try! Lovely review babe :)

  2. Nicely reviewed dear, I love herbal hair oils xx

  3. I have to oil my hair at least once a week... it was more often when my hair was longer... this one sounds really good... especially the smell... it's too bad it is hard to find xox

  4. Sound like a great product no chemical is a plus for me and non sticky great review Nat.

  5. i don't oil my hair--i'm guessing as a treatment that is washed out? but i do use oil in my hair.

  6. I agree with you on how to keep hair healthy and nice. This oil seem the answer.

  7. Sounds like a nice product, i think i should give it a try )

  8. I also loved to oil my hairs on every alternate day. But then I observed that after oiling my hair fall problem occurs more. Infact due to which I have started using dermmatch product just to cover thinness of my hairs. Any other solution for me?


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