Puriso Handcrafted Soap in Indian Healing Review

Hello everyone,
Hope the weather is treating you well? Well we here in Mumbai, India are literally burning with the summer heat. Usually in March it is not that hot but now one cannot predict anything because of global warming. It had rained last month unexpectedly and that could majorly be one of the reason. Anyhow if you remember in the past I had spoken about this brand Puriso from which I received 3 soaps. I have already reviewed one here. Today I shall be reviewing the Puriso Handcrafted Soap in Indian Healing. Read on to know more...

Vegetable Oil Soap Base, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E oil, Neem Oil, Essential Oil, Fragrance & Color.

Price: Rs. 300/- for 150g. Available here 

What does the brand say about the soap:
Fragrance Type- Floral 
Fragrance Level- Mild 
Description- Experience the sacred aroma of temple flowers with Indian healing bathing bar. Passionately crafted in hues of yellow and green, this one happens to be our bestseller. It is rich in glycerine, 100% Vegan and not tested on animals. It contains loads of natural goodies like cocoa butter, vitamin E oil and neem oil. Indulge in an aromatic floral shower!! 

The soap comes in a plastic hard cover type packaging which is good enough to protect the soap from damage.  Handmade soaps are generally softer than the normal one available in the market as they are free from preservatives. The soap comes wrapped in a clean film inside the box. The packaging is decent and the soap can be carried along while travelling. I wish the ingredients were clearly mentioned as it only talks about key ingredients and until I saw the description of their website was hard to know what does the soap actually contain.

Coming to the soap it is hugeee. It almost the size of my palm and rectangular shaped. The soap is essentially yellow in color with round design swirls at the top and green tit bits at the bottom. The soap is truly a piece of art and I fell in love with its looks. It smells heavenly first thing first as the description suggests. It definitely smells floral - I could smell Jamine, Mogra and may be some sandalwood but Jasmine is surely there. The smell reminds you of the Indian temples where these smells are quite common -  I mean floral. The soap lathers well and comes of well too. It is not drying and makes the skin soft. Also it is a mood changer and gives you a refreshed and therapeutic feeling post bath. In the scorching heat a soap like this is a must in everyone's life. The smell is not strong but not overtly mild either. The fact that it is chemical and paraben free makes me happy is all I conclude.

The Good:
Easily available online.
Stunning looking soap.
Floral and therpautic smell
Refreshing smell & feel post bath.
Lathers well.
Does not dry the skin.
Very moisturizing.
Decent packaging.
Ideal gifting option.
Cruelty & Chemical Free
Travel friendly.

The not so Good:
Pricey for some
Ingredients list not mentioned completely

Rating: 4.5/5

Puriso Handcrafted Soap in Indian Healing is a wonderful therapeutic soap which is sure to uplift your mood on any given day. The smell is so good that I can smell it in my bathroom as well. The soap is one of its kind and hence I highly recommend everyone to try this soap.

I hope this review was helpful to all those reading. Please leave a comment with your inputs & new bloggers/visitors may leave their blog link for me to check out.

Until next time.. Happy Weekend xoxo

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  1. This seems a nice soap


  2. The soap looks amazing but every soap you get looks great and I love it all it could do so much for us love your soap reviews.

  3. The soap is so cute... I like all textures and colors ;-)

    We have been getting more snow... I'm so very tired of it all... as we all are here. We'll give you some snow if we can have some of your heat... we just want enough to melt the nasty snow banks we have here... :-)

  4. i loved the way this soap looks ...its beautiful ....


  5. The soap looks so nice! I hope the weather cools down for you. We still have lots of snow here.

  6. The weather over here is also playing sparks. Burning heat and last two days raining like crazy. The soap looks like a delicious dessert. So attractive and yes to the scent.

  7. I love soaps that smell so good. Sorry to learn that it's so hot in Mumbai.

    Jasmine x

  8. the soap looks like a piece of desert :) i love nice smelling soaps :) nice review Nats.. It is getting hotter here in delhi too but since yesterday it rained here so the weather is nice..

  9. How pretty that soap is... Nice review :) Weather is hotter in my city, I keep sweating whole day...


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