Derma Green Plus Herbal Skin Whitening Cream Review

Hello everyone,
The market is flooded with cream now a days which do different things for the skin. Indian markets are flooded with fairness creams lets face the fact and in fact they sell well. But we know that those creams may not change your skin color but only makes you few tones lighter. I came across this brand Herbal India Products who sent me some of their best selling creams to try and share my views on the same. I have reviewed the Derma Green Skin Whitening Cream here. Today I shall be sharing my thoughts on Derma Green Plus Herbal Skin Whitening Cream in my post. Read on to know more...


Price: Rs.3000/- for 30g. Available online here

Claims made by the company/brand:
1-Reduces melasma and eliminates unsightly brown discoloration
2-Chloasma~patch brown or dark brown skin discoloration that usually occurs on face due to hormonal changes e.g. pregnancy or contraceptive pill
3-Lentigo- small, sharply circumscribed pigmented spot
4-Treats post inflammatory hyperpigmentation & surgical marks including stretch marks
5-Reduces sun damage to the epidermal layer and pore size
6-Improves signs of photo damaged skin
7-Regulates sebaceous secretion especially in mixed and oily skins & is suitable for all skin types
8-Whitens, Tightens and delays Ageing to a great extent
9- Visible Whitening of the skin is visible in just 21 days and differences visible in just a week

The cream comes in a huge black color plastic jar with a screw type lid which is ok with me. It comes with an extra protective lid to prevent the cream for drying. Basic information is printed at the back of the container. Since it is huge I would not say its travel friendly but there is no harm to carry it around  as it is made of plastic.

The cream is light green in color - pista green to be precise. The smell is lovely and I found it to be floral - nothing overpowering at all. On first glance it looks so edible. It has a slight mousse like texture still decently moisturizing on the skin but in sometime its almost matte. Ideally the way the cream is supposed to be used is you need to apply it on your face in the night and wash it off next morning. It also works as  a spot treatment. I have used this at night and washed my face next morning. While I have no intention to be fair I saw my skin was glowing and bright. On regular usage the pigmentation has reduced around my mouth. My younger cousin is a perfect candidate to test this cream he used it on a part of this face where there is a dark black mark. He saw the dead skin peeling off and a little improvement over repeated use. I am still testing the cream on him and seems to be working good. This cream is more of a face treatment which brightens dull skin, reduces tan and hyper pigmentation. It is a must try for those with problematic skin.

The Good:
Available online
Smooth cream texture
Acts like a face treatment and cream (2 in one)
Brightens the skin
Gives a healthy glow
Skin texture improves
Works as a spot treatment
Smells lovely & floral.
Multiple skin benefits
100% natural
Can be used by all skin types
Travel friendly

The not so Good:
Complete ingredients list not mentioned.

Rating: 4.5/5

Derma Green Plus Herbal Skin Whitening Cream is a multi purpose cream/face treatment which will work on spots, pigmentation and melasma as claimed. It brightens the skin and improves its texture over time. Hence I recommend this cream to all.

I hope this review was useful and informative to all those reading. Please leave a comment below with your inputs and new visitors may leave their blog link for me to check out.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo

P.S: The product was sent by the brand for consideration but that does nt affect my honest opinion of the product


  1. The texture of the cream is thick and the color is unique great product awesome review.

  2. Nice review. Seems to be a good product, if one is in the mood to spurge on themselves this product is it :)

  3. Seems like a must try for me as I do have pigmentation around my mouth.....well reviewed :)

  4. Hi my sweet Nats,
    Very useful review, I've to try this.
    Have a sweet week
    Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary - Fashion blog

  5. Interesting cream... I love the texture!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  6. Ciao Bella

    I love your blog and always I comment it. Please could you comment my last post? It’s really important for me =)
    As always I love your style. Please send me your instagram name I will follow you.

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  7. Wow Nats!! This cream looks so so promising!! And the texture is soooo creamy goshhhh!! I sooo wanna try it!! Love how beautifully you reviewed it!!! <3

  8. Too expensive but worth the price..

  9. I love natural products. I ll definitely include it in my wishlist!

  10. Very lovely post:)
    Can't wait to see new one..Love your blog :)
    xoxo Antonella

  11. Would so love to try this product ! brilliantly review doll ^.~

  12. i love herbal skincare products. nice review Nats :)

  13. Must agree with you about not being fair but keeping our skin clear. Nice product but like the mousse texture. Sad that I can't try out.

  14. Nice review, the product sounds good :)

  15. Seems nice..I love pista green looks do natural

  16. wow...This really seems to be doing great! Thanks for sharing it Babe...Lovely review :)

  17. Can u please let me know whether to use sunscreen while using this product or not....i bought it from amazon but the description there is confusing..initially they say constant use od sunblock is very imp...later say use sunblock only after 15days...please help

    1. Constant application of effective sun block protection is mandatory during the spot removing treatment is what they say. I would suggest using one meant for ur skin type!!

  18. Thanks for answering to my query.....i have one more question.....should i appy the cream as a thick layer like a face mask or just like the other creams

    1. You need to apply a little more than normal depending if it is a spot treatment or whole face. If you have oily skin I wud recommend applying less and see if it works or not bt ideally they say to apply it as a face pack and keep it overnight and wash ur face next morning :)

  19. Getting pimples after using ..pls suggest Wat to do ?


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