Cushy Footwear for a casual day out !!!

Hi everyone,
Footwear is an essential part of every person's life. Being a woman we are spoilt for choice, Aren't we? The market is flooded with so many options for footwear. Whether it is color, the latest trend or even comfort wise there is a wide variety for each and every footwear in different categories. 

I usually stay away from stilletos, wedges and heels as I am on the heavier side and standing for prolonged periods of time will cause discomfort for me. On a daily basis I like Cushy (cushion) footwear as they are comfortable and easy to walk around with.

In a  crowded city like Mumbai and those who travel by local trains like buses and local trains would know that fancy chappals and footwear are not comfortable at all. Wearing the wrong, uncomfortable footwear can also need to leg problems as is in you get a corn on the feet also the bone in the ankle could pain a lot causing you so much pain & discomfort.

I always look for comfortable footwear like the cushion ones also known as Cushy footwear. Initially when these were launched I would only see elderly and diabetic people wearing them as the designs and patterns were so boring. Also they generally tend to be flat and old fashioned design wise. But now many brands do offer variety in these kind of footwear and you do not even need to make a trip to the market as everything is available at the click of a mouse button and by that I mean online shopping from the comfort of your home.

Cushy footwear is a perfect for a casual day out with friends over the weekend or any particular day when you may want to go to the mall for shopping, or for a casual snack at the local coffee shop. They are so light and comfortable also they have a good grip on the floor unlike some footwear which may make you trip and slip and I have experienced that in the past.

You can either go for the one with a strap or without it. A cushy strap footwear is ideal for elderly people as it would not slip from the feet while walking. The other name for Cushy footwear would be flats as they generally do not have much of a heel and have a good grip.

Since comfort is my key mantra I always prefer Cushy footwear for a casual day out. Of course you may change the footwear according to the event, festival you may attend but personally I prefer Cushy footwear any day for personal reasons mentioned above.

I hope you found this post informative & useful. Kindly comment below and let me know what is your favourite type of footwear for a casual day out.

Until next time..  Take care xoxo


  1. I usually wear my Nike's where ever I go because I am walking and I have to be comfortable... I still wear high heels with a dress but I carry them and put them on when I get there... I like pretty heels, I just don't want to torture my feet xox

  2. I like the first one. Don't really fancy anything with straps.

  3. Lovely sandals the white one are so pretty.

  4. Nice sandals! Can't wait for the weather to get warmer in Toronto.


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