Valentine's inexpensive gifts for her to Fill her day with romance !!

Hi everyone,
January is already over OMG !! and February is here. As they say February is the month of LOVE. Well yes surely as Valentine's Day is almost here. For those who are married and also those who are not do celebrate it by gifting the one they love with gifts & showering them all their love & affection.

Well I say you do not need a day to shower your love or express your love to someone but a particular day like this is perfect to show your love & affection by gifts and also spending time together which couple now a days do not get time for.

It is so easy to gift women as you typically would know what she likes but not all women are the same ;) Isn't it? Some may like jewellery, accessories, clothes, handbags or sometimes everything.. hahaha

Here are some of my gifting ideas for her:
1. Sun glasses:
Every woman would like to own a stylish pair of sunglasses. The more the merrier after all women are spoilt for choice

2. Jewellery:
Necklaces, Earings, Rings. Most women are crazy about jewellery. Personally I am loving statement necklaces currently and can just be happy if I am gifted the same.


3. Watches :
Watches are a styles statement nowadays. I own so many pair of watches but would not mind more. Hence you can gift her a lovely stylish watch of her choice.

4. Soft toys :
However old a woman would get she would always love a soft toy like a teddy bear. Hence gifting it would be an ideal option

5.Clothes :
Nothing can be better than gifting women clothes. Gifting her the dress or outfit she loves the most will make her happy

Valentine's Day is the perfect day to pamper your girl friend/wife with the gifts she likes the most. With a host of options I mentioned it would help you make a decision now. So what are you waiting for go ahead & make your purchase for her as it will make her happy.

I hope this post was informative & helpful to everyone reading. Leave a comment with your inputs below as I love reading them all.

Until next time.. Happy Valentine's Day  xoxo


  1. The months fly by is crazy love the teddy with the mug have a great Valentine's Day and Weekend.

  2. I agree Nats no matter how old a woman is, she loves soft toys.

  3. Clothes and watches would be a great idea! :) Nice post! :)

  4. Nice gifts but until today I prefer cash so that I can buy what I like.

  5. I love soft toys as V-Day gifts :)

  6. i actually love flowers as well
    most romantic and lovely gifts
    nice gift ideas gal

  7. I hope you had a great Valentines day Natasha... I attended a nice Valentines day dance and had a little fun xox


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