L'oreal Paris Skin Perfect Range - Expert Skin Care for every Age! First Impression

Hi everyone,
Don't we like beautiful & glowing skin?? Well yes I definitely do and for me skin care is always a priority. Being a beauty & skin care blogger I am always sent a host of products to try from various companies but today I am excited to share about the fabulous L'oreal Paris Skin Perfect Range which looks quite promising & caters to skin care needs of women of various age groups. Vow!! sounds exciting isn't it. Today I am here to tell you more about it.

The range is largely caters to women of 3 age groups and what is more exciting is that the prices start from Rs. 99/- onwards!!!! Wooo!!!

Women in their 20's
Rs.99/- for 18 g & Rs. 325/- for 50g

For women  who are 20 and above should go for this range as it claims to reduce imperfections, improves skin quality and even out the skin tone. As it contains Vitamins B3, C & E it takes away the dullness & dark spots.It contains UV Filters to protect the skin from sun rays.

Women in their 30's:
Price: Rs. 149/- for 8g & Rs. 425/- for 50 g

Women in their 30's & above usually see the first signs of ageing. And this is what the cream exactly promises - to fight the first signs of ageing. It  contains Vitamins B3, C & E  which reduces dullness & dark spots and also Pro - collagen - an anti aging ingredient which reduces fine lines. It contains SPF 21 PA ++

Women in their 40's
Price: Rs.595/- for 50 g

Women in their 40's require intensive skin care and most of them do use anti ageing products not only to reduce fine lines but keep the skin firm, soft & supple.This cream claims to contain Pro - Retinol A which is a powerful anti ageing active which claims to reduce wrinkles & make the skin plumper.It also contains  Vitamins B3, C & E it takes away the dullness & dark spots. It contains SPF 21 PA ++

With so many benefits in one cream & this affordable price it is surely worth a grab. Now since they have smaller versions of it, it would make testing & trying it out super easy.

As a brand I love L'oreal but never tried their skin care. This range looks promising & is here to create a buzz in the Indian market. Starting from Rs.99/- onwards its amazing & totally affordable.

I will be using the cream meant for women of 30+ & above and will post a comprehensive review on my blog. Stay tuned for the same.

I hope the information provided was useful to all those reading. Please leave a comment with your inputs I love to read them all.

Until next time... Take care xoxo

P.S: PR Sample**


  1. Natasha, I love the L'oreal product.. I've never been disappointed on what I have tried... I hope the cream works for you... Have a lovely week ahead xox

  2. Is awesome they came out with these product that I know will help the woman in the age category looking forward to your detail review.

  3. I am loving the segregation of the age in this range! It really helps to pick the product that's right for you...Can't wait to see how this works for you :)

  4. they make some amazing products!!

  5. This creams really interesting, waiting for the review <3

  6. wow that's great! Looking for detailed revu dear :) x

  7. I love L'Oreal products, it's really interesting range for Indian market! Kisses <3

  8. Its nice that L'Oreal has come up with these affordable range of skin care!

  9. It is indeed a fabulous range. Loved how matte my skin looks :)

  10. Wow Nats! Your post couldn't have come at a better time :) my current moisturiser is almost done and I was looking to try out something new. You have got me super-excited to try this out...

  11. It´s funny that Loreal produces different products in different countries! This was very interesting Natasha! xoxo, Sissi www.beauty4free2u.com

  12. I love L'Oreal... great products!!!!
    Have a great start of the week!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  13. I have been struggling with my skin recently, and I would really like to make it look better. I really like that there are different skin creams for the different ages. I think that this is really important to help prevent things like wrinkles and other aging skin problems. These all look like really good products. I will probably start to look into these and also some other options to see what would be best for my skin! http://phyris.com.au/products/

  14. Loveeeee your review as always, my dear girl!! And Loreal is such a good brand. But as much as I would loveeee to try these creams, I can't. I think my skin kinda hates Loreal. It always seems to breakout excessively when i use Loreal products.


  15. I like the concept of coming up with a different cream to cater for a specific age group. I need one for 50 and above. Will await your review for the 30s.

  16. I wanna try 20+ range :) Lucky you get these as PR samples :)


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