Fuschia Handmade Day Cream in Garden Lavender Review

Hi everyone,
Today I will be reviewing the Fuschia Handmade day cream in Garden Lavender. As most of you may know I recently completed 2 years in blogging and in the course of two years learnt so many things which I was not aware of like there is a day, night cream & many other god knows cream..Lol Ok now on a serious note there might some logic to it right & hence the segregation. During the day the skin goes through a lot of wear & tear due to pollution, sweating & other xyz factors. Also the sun plays a major role too in this for which we use sunscreen. Hence let us find out how this cream worked for me which is a new launch by the brand Fuchia. Read on to know more..

Price: Rs. 525/- for 50 g. Available at a discount here

Ingredients & Directions of use:

What does the brand say about the product:

The cream comes in a transparent plastic jar very basic with the name of the brand & the cream variant. It comes with 2 small paper chits which mention about the price of the product ingredients etc. Since it is a plastic tub it makes it travel friendly but honestly for the price the packaging is a bit cheap & I am sure they would improve upon it in the future.

The cream is stark white in color. The texture is not too thick nor too thin and just perfect for day time. It contains SPF 15 which is an added bonus & is a must have for any product so that is really amazing. But depending on the weather you may need to apply a sunscreen underneath for me I find it ok though. The cream spreads well on the skin & I found it brightened my face as well not made me fair please note that :p 

The smell is not like lavender as they claim it contains but is definitely good & more towards jasmine in my opinion. It contains jojoba, olive & lavender oil which are good for the skin. After using the cream I felt fresh & it made my skin soft as they claimed. Now my skin is oily to combination and in winters turns relatively dry. Hence in my opinion this cream would not be nourishing for dry skin beauties & in summers would work well for all skin types as this gives a matte kind of finish & will be apt for all skin types.

The Good:
Easily available online.
Inexpensive for a natural handmade  cream ( my opinion)
No chemicals - 100% natural ingredients
Contains SPF 15
Makes skin soft & supple
Brightens the skin.
Suits oily to combination to normal skin.
Texture is smooth and not too thick or thin.
Plastic tub packaging makes it travel friendly.
Smells nice.
Can be used under make up.

Not so good:
Not nourishing enough for those with dry skin.
Packaging could have been better for the price.
Does not smell like lavender although the smell is good.

Rating: 4.3/5

Fuschia Handmade Day Cream in Garden Lavender is a lovely day cream which smells nice & I like the texture of it. It works for my oily to combination skin and SPF 15 is an added bonus. Hence I recommend this product to try.

I hope you found this review helpful & informative. Leave a comment below with your input & new bloggers & visitors may leave their blog link for me to check out.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo

P.S: PR Sample** Honest Review


  1. It smells like jasmine which is good too..but definitely not lavender...

  2. Great review. Too bad it doesn't smell like lavender.

  3. This will be perfect for me I do not have extreme dry skin another great product Nat.

  4. Looks like a decent cream but I would have loved a tube packaging :)

  5. Nice review, seems to be a great product :)

  6. I do wish that when product proclaimed something that it lived up to it... do they not know we will try it out and find out... it does sound nice though, even if it is not exactly as they say xox

  7. Wow Nats!! I can already imagine how good it must be smelling!!! I bet it’s super fragrant!! (: Absolutely loveddd your review as always!!!!! <3


  8. i can give this a try as i have oily skin.

  9. Sounds good for oily skin, nice review dear <3

  10. glad it smells good even though it's not smell like lavender!

  11. wow...This really looks great dear! Would love to give this a try...Lovey Review Babe :)

  12. Good review, Nat. If I could, I would send all that snow your way ;)

  13. Nice cream for the smell and with SPF15. Over here we need a higher level to protect against the sun.. I always apply sunblock, so its no big deal.

  14. "god knows cream"..ha ha.. This cracked me up. Lovely review. They need to change the packaging soon, at first I thought it's like a sample tub :D

  15. Seems great for oily skin! I would love to try it in summers :)


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