Bloom Ayur Shampoo & Hair Revitalizer Review

Hi everyone,
Quite sometime ago I came across this shampoo brand called Bloom. They make this shampoo which claims to reduce hairfall. Well me & hair fall go hand in hand and I am so tired of it. Since I have had thyroid matters have only got worse. There are spells when my hair fall is extreme & sometimes quite less. In that case I have to get my thyroid checked but other than that I would use products which claim to control & reduce hair fall & I would like to try them in the hope that they may work for me. So when I was sent this shampoo to try I was excited to give it a shot as it is all natural & won't cause me problem. Read on to know my experience of this shampoo...

Price: Rs.400/- for 200 ml. You can buy it here


About the brand:
Bloom Shampoo Private Limited company manufactures natural hair care shampoo with organic vegetable oils and herbs. The company started its operations from April, 2012 and is open for trade enquiries from established as well as aspiring partners who are passionate about natural care products.

What does the brand claim:
Bloom Ayur Shampoo is made, by adding potassium hydroxide (koh) to a mixture of cooking grade vegetable oils. Vegetable oils are made of fatty acids like oleic acid. When an alkali (koh in this case) is added to oil, the following reaction occurs. Fatty acid in oil (eg. Oleic acid in sun flower oil) + koh à potassium oleate (the soap ) + glycerol.

In most of the soaps and shampoos available in the market, glycerol (or glycerine) is removed by precipitation with common salt (and sold at a higher price for making lotions and moisturizers). Other additives are then added to enhance lather or provide conditioning. The end result is hair loss, hair breakage, dandruff and other allergies.

In Bloom Ayur Shampoo, glycerol is left in the shampoo itself. It therefore may make the hair feel a little sticky after a bath. The stickiness will be gone once the hair is dry. Usage of any kind of artificial conditioner has been avoided. For conditioner again natural herbs has been identified and added to the shampoo.

Bloom Ayur Shampoo is made out of cooking grade vegetable oils only and animal fat is not used. The oils used for making bloom shampoo are infused with select herbs, which augment hair growth. The potassium hydroxide and boric acid used in the process are of very pure quality.

Try Bloom Ayur Shampoo for a minimum of 3 weeks. You will certainly notice that hair fall is controlled and hair growth occurs. It is recommended that the shampoo be used daily or even twice daily. Hair oil need not be used as the shampoo itself leaves your hair coated with a layer of moisturizing glycerine.

My experience:
The shampoo comes in a cardboard box. The bottle looks  curvy & is white in color and there is a green sticker by the brand mentioning all the basic info on the bottle itself.

The shampoo is orangey in color and quite light weight. It smells nice although some might find it strong but it fades away post wash. In fact I liked the smell and it reminded me of that Shikakai hair soap which I used in childhood which is still available in the local shops in India :D I have an oily scalp and the ends are relatively dry. In winters however my scalp turns dry so does my hair. I was battling with dandruff prior to using this shampoo and once that subsided I started using this one. So my hair have grown pretty long & yes I have not had a hair cut since one year and do not plan to as well. I had to use quite a decent amount on my hair & scalp in order to cleanse it. When I oiled my hair I had to use it twice to get rid of the oil & it did a decent job. Now post wash as they rightly said the scalp did feel sticky & then disappeared once the hair dried.

Given all the natural ingredients I think this shampoo is really good and one of its kind that I have used. There is no fear of damage to the hair. The oils used benefits the hair in the long run. Ok so yes I can say that my hair fall reduced quite a bit. Considering my case of thyroid this worked well for me. There is no shampoo in the world which stops hair fall and for me it reduced my hair fall a lot. I loved using it &in fact my granny used it too & she liked it. The dandruff part well if you have dandruff you cannot use this as it says that it will control which means it stops the occurence you need to note that.  Also I found my hair was more silky & voluminous after using it which I am happy about as that never happens with any shampoo for me.So overall this shampoo is a winner and a must try according to me.

The Good:
Easily available online.
Nice packaging.
Inexpensive being a no chemical shampoo
100% vegetarian.
Cruelty free
Smells nice.
Apt for normal to dry hair.
Made my hair voluminous & bouncy.
Reduces hair fall over a period of time.
Controls occurence of dandruff.

The not so Good:
Pricey for some.
Smell may be strong for some I like it though

Rating: 4.5/5

Bloom Ayur Shampoo & Hair Revitalizer  is a shampoo meant for all hair types and works for those with dry hair also. While most shampoos claim to reduce hair fall & fail in that department, this one does a decent job.Hence I recommend this shampoo to everyone.

I hope this review was helpful to all of you. Please leave a comment below with your inputs would love to read them all.

See you all in my next review xoxo

P.S: PR Sample** Honest review


  1. I remember using Ayur once and I didn't like it as it made my dry hairs more voluminous hhahah but I liked this new packaging. Great review :)

    1. Thanks Anita this is not that brand this is a new company based in the south & this shampoo is good & worked for me :)

  2. This shampoo sound amazing and so sorry my dear friend to hear you have thyroid I know so many people with this issue. So this is helpful to share with them thanks for putting yourself out there I know it must be very difficult to discuss and write. Hope some day their is a cure for this medical issue. Glad to hear there is a shampoo that helps with the hair falling.

  3. This seems worth trying. I love shampoos that give bounce to hair!

  4. It sounds good for me. may be I could try it. Nice review hun. :)

  5. I am pretty picky about scents... I really have to like it... plus I can only wash my hair no more than twice a week... it is way to dry, even with product... this does sound good though... Have a lovely day Natasha ;) xox

  6. Hi sweetie
    this shampoo sounds great. Good review as always
    Maggie D.
    Fashion Blog Maggie Dallospedale fashion diary

  7. Sorry to learn about your thyroid problems. And thank you for this introducion to a new shampoo brand, I didn't know it.

    Jasmine xx

  8. The cons are not really a con for me so it is a 5/5 product in my opinion. How do you pick such products Nats :)

  9. Seems like a good product. I have tried a couple of others which were suppose to be helping in reducing hair fall but nothing.

  10. hair fall--as in hair loss or lack of volume in hair? thanks for the review!

    1. Hair fall meaning hair loss this shampoo controls that... your welcome! thanks fr stopping by

  11. Sorry to hear about your hair issue. I have a lot of hair fall out due to the medication I'm on and haven't come across a shampoo that helps with that yet. Great review.

  12. Anything organic is good! I'm using Neuma right now and love it! T.

  13. Good that the brand has revealed how the shampoo has been made. I do not have much of hair fall but have frizzy dry hair.. maybe I can try this..

  14. seems good. never heard of the brand.

  15. My Mom too has thyroid iddues & it really takes a toll on u! This looks really good...will give this a try soon..Lovely review Babe :)

  16. soubds great but i don't like the sticky feeling post will skip this probably.. nice review nats..

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  18. hey that was really helpful review. Pls check out my blog as well,i would really be very thankful to you. my blog is


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