Shudhvi Naturals Handmade Barley Detan Soap Review

Hi everyone,
Soaps reviews have become an integral part of my blog.I have tried so many brands handmade soaps and today I shall be talking about one more from a brand called Shudhvi Naturals which is a new brand to me as well but makes lovely organic  & handmade products which are chemical free & 100% natural. The soap I am going to review today is called Shudhvi Naturals Handmade Barley Detan Soap. Let us find out more about this soap in my review today...


● Olive Oil  ● Almond Oil,  ● Coconut Oil  ● Barley ● Lavender Oil

Price: Rs. 197/- for 100g You can buy it here 

Shelf life: 3 years from manufacturing date

A little trivia about Barley soap according to the brand:
Barley has been traditionally used for its skin whitening and detanning properties. It helps to keep the skin moisturized by maintaining the natural oils present in the skin. It also protects the skin from pollutants and keeps it supple, soft and clear.

The soap comes in a unique cardboard paper type packaging which has the photo of barley on it  which is clearly indicative of the type of soap it is. All the basic information & ingredients are printed on the packaging itself.

The soap looks quite big & was brown in color - light coffee brown color. It is square in shape & quite large. The brands name was imprinted on it. The soap lathers well and has scrub like properties. One side of the soap is smooth and the other had scrub like granules. When I used the soap it really cleansed my skin well. Due to pollution the skin gets dirty & tanned and dirt accumulates on the skin.This soap helped in scrubbing the dirt away and also the skin on my hand looked lighter than before & much cleaner and softer. The smell is quite earthy, not fruity or floral which is something so unique & unlike any other soaps I have tried. I felt fresh & clean after using this soap. It did not dry my skin in this moderate winter of Mumbai which is a plus point. Also with regular use you will definitely get the detanning effect on the skin. I would not advise to use this on the face as the scrub properties may be a bit more harsh for the facial skin. I think this is one of the most unique soap I have tried & I am loving it too.

The Good:
Brightens the skin.
Available online
Inexpensive acc. to me for the ingredients used.
100% natural & chemical free.
Helps in detanning over regular use.
Does not dry the skin.
Earthy & mild smell.
Cleanses the skin well.
Soap has scrub like properties.

The not so Good:
Expensive for some.
Only available online.

Rating: 4.5/5

Shudhvi Naturals Handmade Barley Detan Soap is one of the best and unique soap I have tried in my blogging experience. It cleanses, scrubs and detans the skin. It is a must try for every natural soap lover. Hence I recommend everyone to try this soap. This soap would be ideal in summers when the skin gets easily tanned.

I hope this review was helpful & informative to all of you. Please leave a comment below with your inputs would love to read them all.

Until next time.. Take care  xoxo

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  1. There is something about the handmade soap. I just want to try them all.Nice review :)

  2. Sounds good! A detan soap is much needed for me! will give this a try :)

  3. Nat you should know by now I love the bar of soap you get doll this is another one I will want to try.

  4. Natasha, you always showcase such beautiful and natural soaps... I like that this one has granules in it ♡

  5. Great review as always, my dear Nats!! I personally love Barley drink, and I can totally imagine how fragrant this soap must be!! Must be smelling really diving!! :) If only it was that readily available now! :(

  6. It seems like you have a vast collection of handmade soaps :D

  7. I love using hand made soap, n this one too sounds great :)

  8. I love using handmade soaps and this one too sounds good:)

  9. barley soaps sounds too tempting. nice review Nats :)

  10. Sounds like a lovely bar of soap. I love that it lathers well.

  11. Very very interesting to see how barley is combined in the soap. Love it.

  12. I love anything that's earthly looking, feeling or smelling. this looks great! nice to know that Barley helps to de-tan

  13. I agree Nats, it is not that expensive. Worth buying

  14. Wow another natural brand. Will definitely try it :)

  15. Really unique product Nats..very detailed review


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