My Little World of Make up turned a big TWO!!

Hi everyone,
Happy Friday!! The weekend is finally here. Today I am here to tell you that is my blog's second birthday!! Yayyy !!  Yes yes I have been blogging since the last 2 years if some of you may not know yet! I started my blog 2 years ago and 29th of January 2013  I wrote my first blog post. You can read it here.

Ok so today is my day to talk. I always interested in make up and I use to hoard lipsticks like noone's business ;) few years ago. We all have our crazy days, don't we?? Most of my weekends were at make up counters.. Silly me.. Lol.. But then I loved it. Since 2008 I started reading blogs, watching youtube videos and realised that  even I can write something sensible and share my opinions on different products that I may try :D

I started the blog all of a sudden with no expectations at all. All I wanted to do was write a product review to show my talent/creativity  across to everyone.When I started out things were different, I never received PR Samples or I don't even remember any brand entertaining me until 1.5 years- yup you heard that right!!!! Today its different and its good if they give away samples to new bloggers.People never understand blogging is not only about free stuff it is much more than that. When you blog you also need to connect with a lot of people after all they are the ones who read & appreciate your work, suggest & give feedback too.

For me blogging is something I am passionate about and trust me my family never supported me & think it is a waste of time but I still kept going because I was/am passionate about it and only if you are you will find ways & means to keep it going. Also it took brands forever to discover me & still show a cold shoulder many a times but who cares as I like working with people who believe in me. Lesser the better I would say!!!!

I am not the best blogger in skin care or beauty expert  around. I have always reviewed products which I truly believe in and are on the affordable end for the simple reason is if I talk realistically no one in my personal life would buy a lipstick costing 1k ;) OK so I am not against it but like I always say there is a cheaper alternative to everything and you can look your best even in affordable make up.

Recently there has been a lot of negativity in the Indian  blogosphere and mostly I choose  to keep mum about it. People blog for various reasons some for fame, some for money, some for both & some for hobby. Whatever the reason for me is I never got influenced by anyone or chose to be a part of any group & I am happy about the same as I hate people who create drama !!!

I like my work to speak for myself rather than getting involved in anything which stresses me. I am too  blessed to be stressed right :D ;)

I do not know the future of my blog, how long will I continue and what I would do next. I have thought a lot & still thinking as to what can I do different than what I have done in the last 2 years . So you will see that hopefully soon as I am not that person who will just make false promises & give jazz.

Lastly & most importantly I would like to say that blogging made me a different person, made me learn so many new things  and I am so happy to connect with so many people through my blog and even on social media like Facebook, Instagram. If nobody visited my blog would it have existed??  NO!!!

I met wonderful bloggers like Maggie, Launna, Jackie, Paola, Tina, Jasmine, Megha,Radha, Jhilmil, Hetal,Niesha,Richa Saxena, Ritcha Rao, Charu Sharma, Heena Dhedhi, Preethi, Bhawna, Aparajita - yedi ;) and many more - the list is endless. I am sorry if I have forgotten & not mentioned your name but I love all of you ♥♥

I would like to thank all my followers for supporting me & my blog and continue to do so. I hope to receive all the love in future as well.

Until next time... Happy Weekend xoxo


  1. WOw Nats congrats. Wishing u loads of success and happiness. I have always loved ur blog and u as a blogger. U r so down to earth person :*

  2. Nat first and foremost Congratulation in making it to 2 years wow I still have a way to go. I like your review are so detail and honest and very convincing for me to run to India and purchase it he,he----but I will prefer to meet you but so happy to know you in the blogging world my friend-- behind the product is the person who takes time to test, take images and review for her followers that is something to be very proud of. As per negative environment and people well lets just said I brush them off and do not look back is a good thing you do the same hey we have that in common. Continue with your success so far you doing amazing doll and do not let anything bring you down. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Do what makes you happy. Blogging is something I started because I had some extra time in hand. But along the way, I liked it for I certainly improved my writing skills. Keep going Natasha. Though I pay more attention to skin care instead of make up, I still get excited in reading about the products you have and will continue to review.

  4. Congratulations and Wish You All the Success !!!

  5. Congrats Nats,I wish you all the best!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  6. OMG Nats!!!!!
    Congrats!!! You are one of my favorite and adorable bloggers
    Amazing and wonderful persone sweetie.
    Thank you so much for your amazing posts
    Maggie D.
    Fashion Blog Maggie Dallospedale fashion diary

  7. Congratulations :) I love how you introduce different brands which are affordable. Honestly there are few blogs which make you come back, your blog is one among it :) When you read just one post you know whether it is well put for fame or a post which has passion in it. Wish you more success.... :)

  8. Hey Nats Congrats baby...wish you all the success!

  9. hey congratulations... stay blessed. I'm very new into the blogging world. I can actually connect with all the things you have faced at the time of beginning but I must say Hard Work pays off!! You are a true,genuine blogger.
    I would love if you would take some time of your's and have a look to my new blog..
    I need your love and support.

  10. Congrats dear.. and keep up the good spirit and work.. Blogging really helped me discover the real me!! :D

    Whatever it takes I just love being here :)

  11. Natasha... congratulations and happy birthday to you on your second year of blogging... many more to come xox

  12. Aww such a sweet post! Congrats Natasha. Your blog is definitely one of my favorite blogs to read. I really appreciate your detailed reviews and I have been introduced to new brands because of you.

  13. First of all, a big congo to you. Your little world of makeup has now become vast and we love you and your blog.

  14. congrats... ur doing a great job... xx

  15. Awww...This is such an adorable post Nats!!! Firstly a hearty congratulations to you...Its really uhmazing & you have created a fantastic blog...Totally love the products you introduce & how focused ure reviews are!! Wishing you many more fantastic years to come....And Thank you for the mention...It's lovely to know u through the beauty blogging world :)

  16. Congrats Nats, wishing you a happy Blogging journey... <3


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