Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Exfoliating Apricot Face Scrub Review

Hi everyone,
Today I shall be reviewing the Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Exfoliating Apricot Face Scrub which I received in my mail few days back. Facial scrubs are a must in every person's beauty regime as they clean the face thoroughly, get rid of dead skin cells also helps in eliminating black heads & make the skin soft & supple. Well this scrub promises most of what I have mentioned. Let us see how it fared on me. Read on to know more...


Price: Rs. 70/- for 50 g

What does the brand say about the product:

  • With the power of 1500 exfoliating Apricot beads in every wash, this creamy scrub gives you smooth and glowing skin.
  • Try the new Garnier Pure Active Apricot Scrub. It gently scrubs away dead skin cells to reveal fresh and glowing skin.
  • It contains an exfoliating powder, derived from Apricot seeds and a creamy texture that lightly hydrates the skin while cleansing. Skin is smooth, fresh and radiant with every wash.

The scrub comes in a white opaque tube with a flip cap for easy application. Honestly I like transparent packaging as I know how much product is remaining. It is definitely travel friendly & you can carry it along with you in your handbag.

My experience:
The scrub has a sweet apricot smell that is the first thing I noted. The scrub is white in color & has very fine micro beads which I say is absolutely true. I used a small amount of it on my face after getting my face wet. I used it on my face & neck concentrating more on my face & around my mouth. After scrubbing for app. 5 minutes I washed my face and my skin instantly felt refreshed, soft & clean. I can truly say what they claim that it is meant for all skin types is true. My skin did  not feel dry which is the best part I found which makes it apt for use in winters & also for dry skin beauties. Overall there is nothing I can complain about, I love it  & I see myself using it this winters.

The Good:
Easily available
Meant for all skin types
Lovely sweet smell
Contains goodness of apricot
Micro beads exfoliate & not harsh on the skin.
Makes skin soft & supple.
Travel friendly packaging.
Does not contain parabens.

The not so Good:
Did not find it doing anything for blackheads

Rating: 4.5/5

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Exfoliating Apricot Face Scrub  is the perfect scrub meant for all skin types this winter. It can be used by people of all skin types which is a plus point. Hence I recommend this scrub to everyone.

I hope this post was informative & helpful. Let me know in the comments if you have tried it and which is that one facial scrub you swear by.

Until next time.. Stay beautiful xoxo

P.S: PR Sample** 


  1. Garnier is a popular brand over but so far I have not seen this one. I have quite a bit of issue with blackheads esp on my nose, so I have consider first.

  2. This is my current favourite Nats.. wish it was effective on blackheads

  3. I like garnier but certain products like this one I do not use. Detail helpful review.

  4. we have this brand in the US, so i like the different packaging.

  5. I LOVE Garnier scrubs... they make my face so clean and smooth for a reasonable price ♡

    Have an amazing day Natasha ♡

  6. I love this range of scrubs by Garnier Naturals...they exfoliate really well without being harsh. I am currently using the Grapefruit and Pommergranate (not sure if I spelled that right lol) and I absolutely love it! I must look out for this one also. Great review! Have a wonderful day.

    Keisha xo

  7. I will surely try this. It looks good for my skin . :) I dont like too small granules.

  8. WOw this sounds good for the price. I am gonna get it next!

  9. I will have occasional whiteheads, I will do try this :) Nice review dear <3

  10. I don't use this cause it's to light for me.. I mean particles are too small, not clen my skin as much as the other scrubs

    1. Thanks for stopping by .. It is gentle on the skin & works decently for every skin type :)

  11. I am always on the lookout for a good exfoliating scrub. This one sounds great! T.


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