Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in BARE - Review & Swatches

Hi everyone,
Today I shall be reviewing the Color Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in BARE. Colorbar is a USA based brand but strangely I am not aware that anyone has spotted it there as per my knowledge. I have tonnes of lipsticks in my stash. The shade family & the formula I am looking for has changed over the years.I like matte lipsticks more. This lipsticks claims to be Velvet matte sounds interesting isn't it? I have been using it for quite sometime. Let us find out more in my review today...

Price: Rs.299/- for 4.2 g. Available here

What does Colorbar say about the product:
For a rich lip colour with a creamy shine, the Velvett Matte Lipstick, available in stunning shades infuse the lips with vibrancy. Its unique 2-in-1 formulation gives the lips a creamy, yet matte finish. A one of a kind product in India, it has super softening agents that give the lips a soft and supple appearance while keep them nourished with Vitamin E. Staying on up to 5 hours on application, the Velvett Matte Lipstick can be further accentuated with lip gloss and lip liner.

The lipstick comes in a silver & transparent packaging. The lid is clear and sits well on the lipstick. It does click lock which makes it safe for travelling. The best part is that it has a swatch at the bottom so you can easily identify the shade you are looking for in the stash.Overall nothing much to complain about.

The shade is a Peachy brown shade leaning more towards the brownie side. It has a hint of pink to it which makes it very wearable.  It  smells & tastes somewhat like Cocoa. The formula is unlike the normal lipsticks. It goes on smooth on the lips - remember velvet and then settles on the lips into a semi matte finish. You need to properly exfoliate your lips and make sure they are not dry before you use this lipstick as it could make your chapped lips worse. I usually use a lip balm over or underneath for the same. This lipstick makes a perfect everyday lipstick and can be worn to office. It is not that type of nude which will wash you off. This shade will suit most skin tones. Staying power is 5 hours or more after which it leaves back a nice stain which I am ok with. The only problem with it since it is semi matte it settles into the fine lines on the lips which is the case with most matte lippies but a gloss or lip balm could solve the problem. 

The Good:
Easily available.
Velvett Matte finish
Goes on smoothly on the lips.
Lasting power is good
Shade perfect for most skin tones
Travel friendly packaging.

The not so Good:
May settle into fine lines of lips as matte in nature
Stains the lips ( I am ok with it though)

Rating: 4.5/5

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in BARE is the perfect pinkie Nude Brown shade which is perfect for all Indian skin tones. It is inexpensive & easily available hence I highly recommend it.

I hope you found this review helpful. Please comment below with your inputs as I love reading what you have to say.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo


  1. The packaging is perfect and elegant the shade is outstanding looks amazing on you. Another great review I will love to get my hands on this lipstick.

  2. This is a very nice, natural color! I love it!Kisses my dear, Sissi

  3. This lipstick looks great on you. I'd never heard about this brand before. Thanks for another great review!

    Jasmine ♥
    For a Real Woman

  4. Pretty color, looking lovely on you :)

  5. Natasha I love matte lipsticks... I do have to find a great lip pencil though for outlining my lips... I have tried a couple and the were both too hard and didn't work properly. This is a really great color... one of my favorites xox

  6. Lovely shade! It looks fabulous on you, Natasha! T.

  7. I had this :) This time I have gone for Maybelline one. I loved this and it looks great on you :)

  8. Natasha!! <3 This shade is so so pretty!!! And looks so so good on you!! Lovee the matt finish to it!! :) And great review as always, sweetheart!! <3

  9. I have used the same shade from maybelline and revlon. The shade suits you babe :):*

  10. Bom dia que linda cor de batom amei o resultado
    tenha um final de semana abençoado.
    Vídeo Novo:

  11. this is a perfect shade for daily wear. nice review Nats :)

  12. i have not heard f this US brand! glad you shared it :)

  13. I too have this shade but have not touched it yet! Will try soon :)

  14. Matte is not for me. Its the fine lines which I am not comfortable. The shade is nice on you.

  15. beautiful shade... really does suit u

  16. Does it by any chance the same colour as it's lipliner in creamy nude. I really want to buy a lipstick which is exact shade of that liner


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